Learning to Make the Difference: A Guide to Nonprofit Education

Editors’ Note: We are very glad to introduce this special supplement on higher education opportunities in the area of nonprofit studies. In addition to this buyers’ guide-type article is a set of guidelines to help you judge curricula and a listing of programs. Many thanks to David Renz of the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership for his help in putting this package together.

Do You See What I See?

Why do some community-based nonprofits sound more like each other than the diverse communities they serve? This article, addressing a core issue of nonprofit accountability, is based on research originally printed in the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

Gift Horse or Trojan Horse? A Thorough Physical is Critical


Grants or contracts may have a similar dollar value but be very different in terms of the value they bring to a nonprofit budget. In fact, some very big grants can be absolutely ruinous. In this classic article, Clara Miller tells us why organizations need to look before accepting gifts and why some lead to large unforeseen costs.