Community Building in Hawai’i

The Hawai’i Alliance for Community-Based Economic Development has been experimenting with strategies that both Alperovitz and Cohen would find worthwhile.

Cautionary Tales (Aug 07)

I was having one of those “ain’t it awful?” conversations with an old friend the other day who is a big advocate of economic justice issues.

Welcome to Summer 2005

Welcome to the Summer 2005 issue of the Nonprofit Quarterly. This issue was to have been our annual philanthropy edition, but as we considered the challenges of the current economic and political climate, that topic seemed a bit inadequate. In fact, the impact of philanthropic trends pales in the shadow of the larger economic and political trends in this country. These trends, of course, are connected to and generative of larger worldwide trends. In short, despite the fact that the number of organizations in our sector continues to increase, as does the amount of money we control, the wealth gap and the inequities that flow from that have also increased.

How We Survived An Embezzlement

What do you do when you discover you’ve been embezzled? Erickson recounts her organization’s experience and how it made the best of a terrible situation. NPQ reprints this instructive article from the Grassroots Fundraising Journal.

Planned Ghouling: The Dark Side

After many years in nonprofits and foundations, I thought I knew almost every aspect of how modern fundraising works. That was before September when I found out that my favorite aunt, Great Aunt Alma, was seduced by a handsome, slick-talking development officer from Mammon University.