Welcome to Summer 2005

Welcome to the Summer 2005 issue of the Nonprofit Quarterly. This issue was to have been our annual philanthropy edition, but as we considered the challenges of the current economic and political climate, that topic seemed a bit inadequate. In fact, the impact of philanthropic trends pales in the shadow of the larger economic and political trends in this country. These trends, of course, are connected to and generative of larger worldwide trends. In short, despite the fact that the number of organizations in our sector continues to increase, as does the amount of money we control, the wealth gap and the inequities that flow from that have also increased.

Straw to Gold: Three Years On

For three years now, the Nonprofit Quarterly has charted the progress and response of five nonprofits as they have creatively confronted shifts in the environment. A little over a year since our last update, each of these organizations has something to teach the rest of us.