Welcome to Summer 2006

Dear Nonprofit Quarterly Readers,

Welcome to the first edition of the independent Nonprofit Quarterly, published under NINA, the Nonprofit Information Networking Association. As members of NINA’s newly constituted board, we are thrilled to deepen our participation and commitment to NPQ, a venture that we believe is critical not only to the development of the nonprofit sector but also to the continuing revitalization of an active pluralistic democracy through nonprofit work. NPQ adheres to the principles it espouses. It is fueled by the energies and aspirations of those in whose name it does business, the kindness, not of strangers, but of you, our colleagues. At this time, the board would like to acknowledge a particularly important group of passionate supporters who volunteered to shepherd NPQ through its transition and continue to work vigorously on our behalf: our “Kitchen Cabinet.” They include David Brown, Lisa Chapnick, Rick Cohen, Pablo Eisenberg, Cynthia Gibson, Scott Harshbarger, Paul Light, Deborah Linnell, Bob Ottenhoff, Jon Pratt, and David Renz.

The Enron Family Philanthropies

The crimes of Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling have helped focus attention on their equally misguided use of philanthropy for personal gain. Cohen shows the dark side of these “generous” benefactors, their misuse of philanthropy, and how some nonprofits were happy to go along.

On Nonprofit Investment Income

This excerpted chapter from a much anticipated book by the National Centre for Nonprofit Enterprise provides a concise, easy to understand framework to help nonprofits understand the legal and other considerations in managing investment income.