Welcome to Summer 2008

Dog Days: the period between July and September when heat and stagnation hit. It’s also just about when you’ ll page through this magazine for the first time. But we know that many nonprofits will  suffer from not only the heat of the season but also the heat of the “kitchen,” so to speak, as they look at their midyear budgets and their plans amid a weak economy. This issue’s cover depicts a position we all might find enviable: in a choice paradise like the featured Labrador surrounded by tennis balls. In this issue, we’ve addressed a host of concerns to help get you—if not to the heavenly tennis balls—at least to a place where your organization can grasp its situation and continue its vital work more effectively.

On the Edge: The Financial Health of Human-Service Providers

Editors’ Note: As the likes of Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and AIG live or die in the financial markets based in part on the strength or weakness of their assets and their ability to absorb financial shocks, many NPQ readers across the country will no doubt be considering their own financial stability and the perilous cutbacks that keep nonprofit service providers on the edge.This article contains charts and graphs not available online.  Please purchase a reprint of this article for these related details.