Places to Intervene in a System

FROM THE ARCHIVE: This article by the late scientist and environmental and social change activist Donella H. Meadows is here by popular demand. It is, for good reason, one of the most passed-around and reprinted pieces on leveraging a system for change ever written, and should be required reading for social activists, especially in these times.

The Real Cost of Bank Trustees

This investigative report delves into the largely unexplored world of bank trustees and their potentially self-serving, lucrative roles on nonprofit foundations.

It’s Never about the Donuts

This article from the 2015 summer edition of NPQ’s print publication points out the importance of taking on the big, hairy, and sometimes painful questions in your “business” model, because that is often where the really positive shifts in sustainability can be found.

The Surprising Alchemy of Passion and Science

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A learning organization appreciates its past performance but does not rest on it, and is always open and looking for new ways to do deeper, better, more impactful work. It is an organization that does not use data just once, making one set of changes and then moving on. It creates an ongoing process of review, learning, and reflection. Leaders in these organizations regularly ask themselves, “Are we doing the best we can for every client?,” and look for the answer to that question in data, not just anecdotes. And for every improvement they make, they reassess, tinker, and continue to improve.