The Rising of the States in Nonprofit Oversight

A nonprofit legal and policy expert explains why, in terms of state-based regulation of nonprofits, we can anticipate seeing more rather than less activity in the near future and possibly far more in terms of coordinated enforcement and information sharing across state boundaries.

Changes in the IRS Oversight of Nonprofits: A Conversation with Virginia Gross

Important reading: This article is part of the series on the nonprofit regulatory environment, and this one focuses on the IRS. Battered and bruised by its recent raking over the coals, the Exempt Organizations unit of the IRS has opened the entrance gates, erected strict internal boundaries, and systematized its exam function. What will that mean for nonprofits like yours? Actually, quite a lot.

Battlefield History and Status: First Amendment Tensions between Nonprofits and Governments

Over the next few weeks, we will be running an important, five-part series on the new nonprofit regulatory environment, which will include articles on the IRS, state regulatory mechanisms, and the trends on a global level. In this first article, Jon Pratt discusses the balance that must be struck in nonprofit regulation, a balance that both jealously protects our First Amendment rights and also requires the best of this sector as stewards of the public trust.