Executive Leadership Transition: What We Know

An ancient proverb says, “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.” Tracing the 20-year history of field research in leadership change in nonprofit organizations, the authors note that mission, capacity, and diversity are intimately and inextricably bound with how an organization manages its executive succession. And, if we all use this wisdom…

Assistive Technology, Like “Curb Cuts” in Cyberspace

Meet Maia Scott, a partially sighted woman who needs a closed circuit television to read a book — and design brochures, edit Web copy, and facilitate communications for a San Fancisco-based nonprofit theater project. For people with disabilities, even the smallest technology enhancement can mean the difference between the ability to work or not.

Welcome | Fall 2002

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”        —Matthew 6:21

Usually we feature one topic–this time we have two: in-depth investigations of the nonprofit workforce and philanthropy, in all its variety. Both are central supports to our collective work–two sources of riches–but riches that need to be valued accurately and treated wisely to reap their true potential. Both were generated from our usual editorial development process. The focus on the nonprofit workplace arose from our commitment to sharing research findings that have immediate relevance and important implications for nonprofit leaders and managers in their daily operations. In this case, we are pleased to present the findings of Paul Light’s recent study of the special characteristics of the nonprofit workforce.