Talking About Taxes

As we march toward the fiscal cliff, everyone knows that tax reform is on the table in negotiations between President Obama, the Democratic Senate, and the Republican House of Representatives. For a perspective on the importance of the content of taxes for nonprofits, we are pleased to again present this important perspective by Kim Klein of Klein & Roth Consulting that should make nonprofits consider their stake in the tax reform debate. What are they willing to push for and to give up—if anything—in the context of responding to sequestration and dealing with the nation’s budget deficit?

Welcome to Winter 2004

Welcome to the Winter 2004 Nonprofit Quarterly. As of this writing, millions struggle to respond to the devastation caused by the tsunami at the same time that millions of others struggle to understand how to handle themselves responsibly within drastically changing political contexts. “Responsible leadership” is often a coded way of referring to highly competent conformity. That is not what this issue focusing on leadership is about. This issue is about “responsive leadership”—leadership that responds to history and possibility and constituents—leadership that is dedicated to shaking things up—moving on and accepting that we need to do things differently and as if we are serious about such things as eliminating poverty and AIDS and unreasonably close connections between political actors and big corporations.