Exploring Emerging Forms of Nonprofit Governance

Yesterday, NPQ published “Is Your Board ‘Normal’?” That feature took a look at some of the findings of “Leading with Intent,” the 2014 BoardSource Governance Index. While we had your attention drawn to the topic of governance, we wanted to provide you with some other valuable thinking on the topic via this review.

Reframing Governance II

The most substantive decisions on your organization’s governance are likely happening far from the board room. How should your governance systems respond?

Sarbanes-Oxley: Ten Years Later

A decade since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act first appeared, organizations still worry that aspects of the law will continue to seep into the sector. But doesn’t the sector actually have little to worry about and much to gain?

Board Stories Involving Humans

Whether by the book or ad-hoc, the defining feature of successful boards is not the model but the people who make it work.