September 23, 2011; Source: MoveOn | The liberal grassroots organization MoveOn has hit upon an innovative way to dramatize the need for massive federal funding to repair the nation’s infrastructure: Ask members to take pictures of crumbling bridges, roads, schools, and so forth and send them in to form a giant national “punch list” collage of jobs that need doing. The hope is that the photos will build support for new infrastructure spending and/or an infrastructure bank that could potentially put millions of unemployed Americans back to work.

We applaud the idea but wonder about MoveOn’s “deficit orientation.” While it is undoubtedly useful to photographically document our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, we wonder if the effort could be complemented with a parallel photo campaign in which members are asked to send in photos of useful infrastructure in good repair that we tend to take for granted. Now that would be a “one-two punch” list.—Chris Hartman