Supporting the Youth Climate Justice Movement!

Nonprofit Quarterly Magazines Climate Justice Issue

~Call for Climate Justice Articles, Creative Writing, and Art~

Note: We are no longer accepting articles for NPQ‘s Fall 2024 magazine but will continue considering submissions for online publishing.

Nonprofit Quarterly Magazine is looking for climate justice writing by movement leaders and practitioners in the field of all ages—including, and especially, youth (ages 18–35)—for a special edition centered on the young people bringing new leadership, energy, and hope to the climate justice movement.

Youth are moving beyond talk and into action, including legislation proposals brought to policy tables in the United States and globally. We want to know what the youth climate justice movement needs to support their goals, and what’s next for the youngest generations fighting climate change. We’re seeking articles that describe the current state of youth climate justice work, concerns of youth, and new visions for the planet.

What we are looking for…

  1. Articles by climate writers and leaders of all ages that describe work being done in the field, visions for the future, personal experiences with the climate movement, and how climate intersects with issues of health, gender, disability, neurodivergence, racial justice, and economic justice. (Word count: 800–3,000)
  2. Creative writing by youth—from personal narrative to fiction to poetry—that describes living through the current climate crisis. How is your community being shaped and re-shaped by climate? (Word count: no more than 1,000 words.)
  3. Art by youth—drawing, painting, or photography that speaks to climate issues and visions for the future. (Art and photography will be assessed for print production capacity/quality.)

What you need to know… 

  • Our submission period opens April 30, 2024 and closes on June 30, 2024. Anything received after June 30 will not be considered.
  • Please submit all written entries as a Word doc to [email protected] with “Climate 2024 Submission” as the subject line. Please send art submissions to [email protected].
  • NPQ will pay between $200 and $500 (depending on length/item) for all selected written submissions. NPQ will pay $50 for all selected art submissions ($100 if selected for a cover).
  • We will respond to every submission whether or not selected for publication.
  • Additional questions can be sent to [email protected]


(Please view our publishing agreement here so that you know our terms.)