Struggling with Stagnant Board Standing Committees

Befuddled by the machinations of your board? Perplexed by your ED’s past and present practices? Dr. Conflict comes to the rescue! (Do YOU have a conflict? Ask the good Doctor what to do by telling him all about it in an e-mail to

Evaluating a Battling Board: Dr. Conflict Weighs in

It’s tough enough to deal with differences when you have the power to influence the participants. But what if you don’t have enough power? Dr. Conflict has three tips to facilitating board members working together when factions arise.

Dr. Conflict | Summer 2012

When an agency merges two fundraising teams and cuts one supervisor, an employee worries that the team won’t get enough guidance. In this scenario, how many people can you supervise effectively, and how do you make that case to the top?