Mommie Dearest, Nonprofit Style

AN NPQ CLASSIC: Just about all nonprofits face conflicts of interest over time—but being prepared for them, comfortable talking about them, and in the habit of correcting on the side of cautiousness is definitely the wisest course. The other path leads into thorny thickets that are hard to negotiate.

Nonprofit Leadership in Action: Following a Founder

Really great leadership in nonprofit organizations takes a kind of “old soul” approach—the ability to keep a set of principles sacred while negotiating an ever changing landscape and looking to the future. This is never more of a challenge than when taking over after a powerful founder. In this remarkable interview, John Valverde opens up about what values and knowledge and wisdom he brings to the role of CEO of YouthBuild. This is the first in a podcast series with NPQ’s Amy Costello about the realities of grounded nonprofit leadership.