Rebuilding Puerto Rico
Monday, July 22nd, 2024

This NPQ series of articles looks at Puerto Rican nonprofits and how they’re operating and thinking in the wake of Hurricane Maria. It’s part of our effort to illuminate the processes of building anew and recreating from disaster in a region where inequity is already extreme. More generally, the stories provide a glimpse of the vision, reality, and experiences of those affected most by a devastating combination of growing global economic inequality, environmental change, and democratic failures. Because of that, we hope they will be useful far beyond the boundaries of Puerto Rico and its supporters.

We expect this series to be of interest to nonprofits, infrastructure organizations, and funders alike, so please help us distribute it. We expect to continue this conversation well into the future, so we welcome your comments and feedback. Many of you have already shared how the articles in this series to date have helped you better understand the complexities of the situation, the choices that need to be consciously made, and the prominent role nonprofits play. Coming up, NPQ will host a Funding Puerto Rico webinar as part of our Peek Behind the Curtain philanthropy series. We seek to continue following the rebuilding effort on the island and bridging the sector there to the US sector. Thank you for engaging.