The Economy Is Changing—and So Must We: A New Charge for Nonprofits

This is the first article in a special four-part NPQ series that addresses the role of nonprofits in rebuilding the US economy. We urge our readers to get involved in the discussion it engenders and in experimentation with new forms of ownership of our economic engines. If our collective goal is sustainable, equitable communities, this series and the webinar series to follow will help us all focus on the practical vehicles to take us there.

Why Building a More Democratic Economy Matters for Nonprofits

Next week, NPQ will run a cluster of four articles, taken from the Summer 2018 issue of Nonprofit Quarterly magazine, on how to build a more democratic economy. This is the start of a year-long campaign to more fully explore this ever more emergent field which will include a series of seven monthly webinars starting in the fall, buttressed with supporting materials. This series will work to boost understanding and foster conversation of how nonprofits and movements can most effectively respond to our nation’s rising inequality.