Hope for a Student-Debt-Free Future for the Nonprofit Workforce—Exactly What Nonprofit Staff and Managers Can Do

Students worried about repaying student loans can find help in a federal program that ties loan repayment to employment in targeted areas, including nonprofit organizations. Although the program may face changes or even elimination under a Trump administration, it currently represents a real opportunity for students and nonprofits alike.

Student Debt Is Hurting the Nonprofit Workforce—and You Can Do Something about It

The Nonprofit Student Debt Project is an effort from the California Association of Nonprofits—CalNonprofits—that encompasses support for staff, a toolkit for organizations, and a policy agenda. We share it here for the information it provides to nonprofit workers with student debt and as a model for other nonprofit infrastructure groups.

ITT Students Left Adrift: Now What?

While in the long run the self-inflicted demise of ITT Tech may be a positive for prospective students, some current students need immediate help—among other things, in getting their loans discharged.

A Degree, A Job…or a Refund?

College is expensive and time-consuming. As student debt rises, some colleges are guaranteeing their students they will graduate in four years or achieve employment in their chosen fields.

Student Loan Debt Highest at Modest Colleges

Malcolm Gladwell has been critical of the tendency of the very rich to give to universities that are also already very rich. Why not give to institutions that need it to ensure that it spreads the educational opportunity?