The NCRP Debate on Market Approaches to Education Reform

Coming out of its “Philamplify” review of the Walton Family Foundation, NCRP held a debate between education reform experts for and against market-based approaches. NCRP said it was “agnostic” on the topic, but can you really be agnostic about the insertion of the market into public education?

Volkswagen Scandal

The Philanthropy of a Corporate Cheat: Volkswagen

If you’ve been the beneficiary of philanthropic support from Volkswagen, the news that the company has brazenly lied—for several years—to car-buyers, the public, and the U.S. government as a whole about the emissions levels of its diesel cars might make you question exactly what Volkswagen was trying to achieve with its corporate giving. 

Redlining as a Product of the Racist/Classist Pseudoscience of Eugenics

As North Carolina does the right thing by trying to compensate some of the victims of its state-sponsored, forced sterilization program that started in 1929 and didn’t end until 1974, we are reminded that eugenics, a pseudoscience promoted in the early 20th century by some major U.S. foundations, influenced many public policies, including the federal government’s design and implementation of mortgage redlining.

Indicators Were There before Current Investigation into SourceAmerica: Lessons for Nonprofits

The CNN report on several federal investigations looking into allegations of mismanagement and corruption in the AbilityOne program that subsidizes federal agencies contracting with nonprofits that employ most blind or severely disabled workers didn’t really address one important part of the story—that the shortcomings in oversight and accountability practices in AbilityOne have been long known, but the federal government and Congress haven’t taken action to make the needed improvements.