The Bradley Foundation’s Agenda Setting: The Intersection with Partisan Politics

Bradley Foundation president and CEO Michael Grebe’s comment that he tries to maintain a clear boundary between his personal political engagement in Republican Party (and Scott Walker) politics and the nonpartisan activities of the conservative foundation he runs raises questions about how difficult that challenge might actually be—especially at Bradley.

Hail to the Houndstooth: The Distinctive Charitable Fundraising Arm of the University of Alabama

The unusual situation of the Crimson Tide Foundation isn’t just that it purchased the home of University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban and ferries him and potential ’Bama players around during recruiting trips in a foundation-owned airplane, but that the 501(c)(3) foundation doesn’t feel the need, legally or otherwise, to file a Form 990 with the IRS.

What’s Behind the Scathing Critique of NeighborWorks America?

When a nonprofit is criticized by House Republicans as “left-wing community organizers,” our antenna goes up to sense an over-the-top attack. NeighborWorks America, the most unlikely “left-wing” group you’ll ever meet, got slapped with that epithet as part of an agenda to defund community-based housing counseling nonprofits.