The Face of Climate Change: Call for Pitches

Accompanying the launch of our latest Climate Justice Magazine Issue “The Face of Climate Change” (Fall 2022), NPQ is happy to announce a call for pitches. Please send us your ideas for building new futures that center indigeneity, climate solutions and environmental justice movements in the nonprofit sector and beyond. 

The current climate crisis is the biggest story of our time. We need to amplify voices and solutions that are helping communities —particularly Black, Indigenous, disabled, queer people of color, get equitable access to resources in the face of climate change.  

We welcome pitches from practitioners in the field, researchers and writers for articles of around 200 words, with a clear vision of the piece or project, why it matters, and why we should publish it. You can learn more about what kinds of articles we publish, submission guidelines, and contact information here. 

Submit your pitch below or email it directly to the climate justice desk at [email protected] with the subject line “Climate Justice Pitch.”