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The summer 2021 edition of the Nonprofit Quarterly magazine is here!

NPQ’s economic justice work is predicated on the belief that economics is too important to be left to economists, and that it is our charge to critique current practices, review economics policy with a critical eye, and uplift alternatives that promise more just outcomes. In so doing, we look at the intersections among different social structures, including race, class, and gender. In this edition of the magazine we shine a light on emerging positive models, with a focus on a set of articles that outline principles, practices, and strategic directions for developing what has come to be called a solidarity economy. 

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Here are a few summer 2021 issue highlights…

Cover Story: Can We Reshape the U.S. Social Contract?

“The U.S. regime of neoliberalism that has dominated public policy for the past forty years has been dislodged. What remains less clear is what will replace it.”

by Steve Dubb

America’s Infrastructure Needs: Community Development Leaders Weigh In

“Our public discourse remains largely focused on specifics….Our national conversation should instead focus on clearly illuminating this rare opportunity to direct public investment with a racial equity lens, simultaneously expanding access to wealth and economic vitality for future generations.”

by Marietta Rodriguez, Dr. Akilah Watkins, Lisa Rice, and Tony Pickett

Land Back: A Necessary Act of Reparations

“Reparations is one part of the process of restoring justice for the land theft, genocide, and enslavement committed in the spirit of capitalism, because the generational privilege is still real and the harm to our communities and peoples persists. For Indigenous peoples across the globe, the Land Back movement is at the center of this fight for reparations.”

by Nikki Pieratos and Krystal Two Bulls


The Transformative Promise of a Solidarity Economy

And many more…

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