Credit: Philip Cohen

Let’s be honest: white racial justice leaders are experts at performative allyship.

When you forge a fulfilling career out of being a great ally, public image is everything. You must appear to know all the current and classic anti-racist literature. (You don’t have to read them, just know about them.) You must quickly adapt to all the new rules about socially acceptable jargon. You must ensure that you are surrounded by black or POC [people of color] executive staff who are willing to take a bullet for you at any given moment. And you must always, always appear completely oblivious to the fact that you yourself are the embodiment of white supremacy. Not Donald Trump. Not Rudy Giuliani. Heck, not even Robert E. Lee. You.

The aforementioned names are obviously also white supremacy. But this isn’t about them. This isn’t about the Klansmen we can identify. It’s about the ones who masquerade as saviors and friends, while reaping all the benefits of being a privileged white person wh