I’m really more interested in these values—right?—of human dignity, democracy, participation, equity, because I think that is what is really going to get us transformed to a new paradigm and to new ways of being. And I think those are important because I think it’s important for humanity’s sake.

I think humanity, we’re drowning in exploitation and capitalism and degradation and anti-environmentalism and stuff. And we are not going to make it as human beings, we’re not going to make it as any of the societies that we care about if we continue in that road. So, we need the high road, the road that is about not just human survival, but human liberation and human dignity.

So, I’m hoping that the kinds of things that we are all talking about will help us to articulate, feel comfortable, and move forward with saying, “This is the world, these are the kind of jobs, this is the world we want to live in. This is what we want to create. We want more of this.” And to push the envelope so we can get there, right? Because now we know how these systems work and that they do work. It is now a matter of getting people comfortable with them, knowledgeable enough about them to go forth and do it.