Sandhya Nakhasi

Sandhya Nakhasi is a co-CEO of Common Future. Nakhasi is an executive leader and impact investor who...

Jay Monteverde

Jay Monteverde is cofounder and president of Breach Collective, based in Eugene, OR.

Yani Burgos

Yani Burgos is codirector of Movement Sustainability Commons, based in Boston, MA.

Vikas Maturi

Vikas Maturi is a strategist, researcher, and organizer building social movement infrastructure. He is the manager of...

Sharon Attipoe-Dorcoo

Sharon Attipoe-Dorcoo, PhD, MPH, is a community scholar-activist who creates community-centered research and evaluation frameworks. She uses...

Matt A. Hanson

Matt A. Hanson is a freelance journalist based in Istanbul. He has covered environmentalism and climate change...

Algernon Austin

Algernon Austin is the director for race and economic justice at the Center for Economic and Policy...

Ghada Abdel Tawab

Ghada Abdel Tawab is a senior program officer in Ford Foundation’s Future of Work(ers) International program.