Of Poetry and Mission Statements

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To make whole again
humanity shattered by
torture; to end it.

Trembling in my hand
The smallest monkey on Earth
Exhales his last breath

Women on the streets
with so little of their own.
Safe at Delores.

Women and families
Rebuilding, loving, learning
In our safe refuge

Each fatherless boy
Who needs a mentor
Shall have one

Discovery of maritime life
All generations

The best medicine
is prevention of illness

As you might imagine, I am a big fan of competent writers. But there is something about a writer who can say something profound in a very few words that just sends me over the moon. Lately I have been reading the work of Irish author Ken Bruen who literally can take my breath away. This morning I read:

“I felt as fragile as a whisper.”


There is something about such stuff that reaches into the soul of listeners and makes them pay attention as whole humans. It makes you stop and experience the moment.

That is why I am sending you this article by the wildly talented Chris Finney about writing your mission as Haiku. Transforming your mission into Haiku can illuminate your organization’s work in a very different way and so we encourage you to try it either alone or in a group.

And please send us your results. We are collecting your mission haikus for a future issue of the Nonprofit Quarterly.

Awaiting the beauty of your words . . .

Your friend,