Sessions Reengages Private Prisons to “Meet Future Needs”

Nonprofits working together with government have curtailed some of the over-incarceration in the federal prison system. Our new attorney general, though, clearly anticipates filling the prisons back up and has declared he will increase capacity through re-contracting with private prisons.

No-kill Bee Rescue Meets Tornado: Is Silver Lining Far Behind?

Remember when a sinkhole opened up under what was until then the relatively obscure Corvette Museum, swallowing up some prized cars? We would bet the facility is far better known following that disaster. Perhaps this bee rescue can find a silver lining in the public education value of the tornado that took out part of the Texas facility.

Entire System of Refugee Resettlement Nonprofits Teeters on the Edge

When you have one primary funder, there’s a vulnerability that can come back to haunt you. Couple that with a government shutdown of the systems that bring you those you serve, you have a field-wide crisis that threatens a national infrastructure. Refugee resettlement organizations find themselves in that very position.

U.S. Resistance to Targeting of Immigrants Becomes a Self-Organized System

It is time to change the way we think about organizations. Organizations are living systems. All living systems have the capacity to self-organize, to sustain themselves and move toward greater complexity and order as needed. They can respond intelligently to the need for change. They organize (and then reorganize) themselves into adaptive patterns and structures without any externally imposed plan or direction. —Meg Wheatley, The Irresistible Future of Organizing
Amid a wave of ICE detentions across the country, reports of new draft guidelines that would significantly increase the detention and deportations of immigrants lacking legal status, and a promise from President Trump that he will release a new executive order to “comprehensively protect our country” against undocumented immigrants, refugees, and travelers, localities, schools, and other entities are progressing with their own efforts at protecting refugees to the greatest extent possible.