Logical Model for Creating Achievable and Sustainable Change Modalities Over Time


Your search for the perfect logic model is now over!

NPQ is proud to recycle this masterful logic model – ideal for insertion into your next grant proposal. After all, it’s probably just as good as many and in terms of efficiency – well its use cannot help but save valuable time! We’d provide you with the author’s name but we can’t know it for sure and we suspect he or she has his or her career to consider.—The Editors

  • Bdalin

    I have been saying logic models are useless for years now and am happy to see someone else agrees.

  • seany

    Too funny. Thanks for the laugh… great way to start the morning and I appreciate NPQ not being afraid to have some fun. :o)

  • Ron P. Muriera

    I’m sure that if Star Trek’s Mr. Spock saw this, he would probably say, “this (model) is highly illogical.” 😆

  • Barbara Hartnett

    Love this! Finally, we have the definitive model! what a timesaver for all of us.

  • DebH

    Too funny! We take ourselves far too seriously around these charts, models and plans. I’m just sad that the chimp lost his job in this one.

    Great way to start my morning!
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Jane Garthson

    Oh, that captures perfectly what I think of logic models! Let’s see – we’ll take a complex, fast-changing world where most results are achieved through unpredictable human interactions, and develop meaningful SMART targets. And get rid of the ED if they aren’t achieved. Right.

  • Susan Murphy

    As a person who works in the field of evaluation I though the logic model was just a hoot. Thanks for posting it!

  • JudiK

    Very funny, artful, even. I love those suspended boxes. Thank you for creating a little levity around the oh so serious logic model concept.

  • sonc

    Finally, the logic model exposed for what it really is – the emperor’s new clothes!

  • Julie Rodda

    As someone who has reviewed a fair number of Federal Proposals, I absolutely Love it! Refreshing!

  • Phil Johncock

    Love it!

    I heard an interesting comment from a group of funders last week in Kansas. When asked if they preferred Logic Models in their proposals, they said, “Not really. They’re often too complicated.”

  • Bronwyn

    This is great! Please give us a downloadable version, suitable for framing.

  • Edward Ober

    [quote name=”Bdalin”]I have been saying logic models are useless for years now and am happy to see someone else agrees.[/quote]
    Although I love this chart’s humor, I actually find real charts quite useful in certain instances, especially for those who can’t or won’t read a narrative or for expaining complex systems and how components integrats, and for showing decision points and role responsibilities.

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  • Nathan Medina

    I agree. Logic models can be very useful when written in a way that is easy to read and understand. Too often they are very difficult to interpret. But I understand this one well – very funny.

  • Lynn A.

    Oh thanks for the laugh! 😀