20 NPQ Articles That Were Read 10,000 or More Times over the Last Year

NPQ exists to help the civil sector grow in effectiveness and its influence. This means we must address both internal operations and the external operating environment where both you and NPQ work as nonprofits. Our daily readership is growing very quickly, but our content is always fueled and informed by you. So now we want to make a deal.


The Shifting Boundaries of Nonprofit Regulation and Enforcement: A Conversation with Cindy M. Lott

With years of experience under her belt working with state charity regulators and enforcement communities, Cindy Lott looks at the directions in which the complex regulatory environment is moving and how nonprofits can expect to be affected by the shifting landscape. This is an important article for all nonprofits and part of a series drawn from our print publication.


Why Funding Overhead Is Not the Real Issue: The Case to Cover Full Costs

Are you frustrated with the way your nonprofit budget works or the way you and your board discuss it? The first step in making money work differently in nonprofits is to understand it differently and this extraordinary webinar with Claire Knowlton of the Nonprofit Finance Fund will help you do just that. It is a new and more empowered way to view the nonprofit as enterprise. Watch it and save it to share with your board and funders.