Nonprofit Exec Salary Far Exceeds For Profit Counterpart in CA

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May 26, 2011; Source: Los Angeles Times | Well, here it is. The comparison of two health care insurers in California – one nonprofit and one for-profit – shows that the nonprofit CEO is significantly more generously compensated. Blue Shield CEO, Bruce Bodaken makes a sweet $4.6 million to run an organization with 3.5 million policy holders and $10 billion in yearly revenue. His for-profit counterpart, Pam Kehaly at Anthem Blue Cross makes $800,000 if she makes her performance goals. Anthem has $11 billion in revenue and 8.2 policy holders. Blue Shield says that the comparison is unfair and that, in fact, Anthem is part of a larger network operating in 14 states. Angela Braley who runs that network, the largest insurer by enrollment in the country, makes $3.8 million plus stock options, which run to $9 million . . . As premiums continue to skyrocket.—Ruth McCambridge

  • Lynn Cee

    The health insurance price gouging is making policy-holders ill, literally. The situation is way out of control at this protracted juncture and the state of California needs to step in and order an independent AUDIT PRONTO. It doesn’t take a forensic accountant to know that the health insurers, particularly the non-profit Blue Shield, are rife with inefficiency.