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June 2, 2011; Source: The Wall Street Journal | Vivian Schiller, the embattled former President and CEO of NPR, has now been hired at NBC as their News Chief Digital Officer. Schiller resigned her position at NPR on the heels of two controversial events – the firing of commentator Juan Williams for saying Muslims make him nervous, and the James O’keefe “sting,” which recorded a former fundraiser at NPR disparaging the Tea Party.

NBC says it is not at all concerned about the way Schiller left NPR. An NBC press release states that “Schiller will lead the digital strategy for both NBC News and MSNBC to ensure future growth and innovation. Her responsibilities include strategic oversight of the network’s digital extensions on the web and in mobile, interaction with the Joint Venture that oversees the msnbc.com digital network, as well as providing direction to the network’s new emerging properties such as EducationNation.com and theGrio.com.”—Ruth McCambridge

  • Davis Sabre

    Of course MS/NBC isn’t at all concerned. They agree with Schiller’s far left views on Williams and the Tea Party, so she fits the corporate culture. She’ll shill their leftist schlock while mouthing the pablum of being “unbiased” like she did at NPR. Congrats to her.

  • David Thomas

    NBC decided some time ago to become the liberal equivalent of Fox News. This seems perfectly in line with their strategic direction.