Billboard in Wisconsin Encourages Motorists to Cut (Out) the Cheese

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September 26, 2011; Source: ABC News | Is PETA’s in-your-face media campaign style catching on? The Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a nonprofit, has declared something of a media war with the cheese industry by announcing that it will erect anti-cheese billboards in Wisconsin, the heart of cheese country. The billboard has a picture of the grim reaper wearing a “Cheesehead” foam hat and the slogan, “Warning: Cheese Can Sack Your Health. Fat. Cholesterol. Sodium.”

The physicians group calls cheese an “incredibly unhelpful food product” and “pretty toxic” in its statement cited here. Not exactly incendiary, but they have succeeded in their quest to get exposure by placing the billboard on the route leading to Lambeau Field, where the Green Bay Packers play and where thousands of fans wear the Cheesehead and consume deep-fried cheese curds and cheese soup.

Patrick Geoghegan of Wisconsin’s Milk Marketing Board is not amused by the simple but well-located campaign, calling PCRM a “vegan front group.” He adds, “They are taking a page out of PETA’s book on this. They are trying to shock people,” says “People have been eating cheese for thousands of years…Many cheeses are an excellent source of calcium and a source of high-quality protein and phosphorus. It tastes great. We should enjoy it.”

It seems to us here at NPQ that this group has gotten more than their money’s worth ($3,500) of publicity out of this billboard already, especially since the billboard has not even gone up yet.—Ruth McCambridge

  • Scottie

    While the American public will likely see this as blasphemy as they continually defend their American diet, the truth is (as realized in the most comprehensive study on nutrition ever performed — check out the book “The China Study”) that cheese and other foods deriving from animals can lead to serious negative health effects. Heart disease is a FOOD BORN ILLNESS. Not many Americans are willing to believe this. We are consistently told that illnesses are hereditary and not caused by the choices we make. However, it is scientifically proven that anyone with heart disease and diabetes can reverse these ailments by what they chose to put in their bodies. And those individuals who had the strength to cast aside everything they knew about “good” nutrition (a.k.a. the American diet), were able to reverse some of the leading causes of death by eating a vegan diet.

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  • Kathy K

    People may have been consuminging cheeses for thousands of years, but the milk being used was unpasteurized and loaded with beneficial enzymes. The “cheese” that is being produced and sold now, especially in the US is nothing more that plasticized junk food desguised and marketed as something wholesome and healthful. So sad, becuase raw unpastuerized dairy has many high-quality nutritional benefits. Look at the tribes in Africa who survive on nothing by raw milk and cattle blood. They are of healthy weight, beautiful complexion and have gorgeous teeth. It’s time the American people stand up for themselves and demand real food!!

  • Chicago

    This ad will be laughed at in Wisconsin. Once you get behind the “cheddar curtain,” you lose all credibility with an ad that ultimately disses dairy farmers.

  • ChicagoRN

    There is a huge genetic component to CAD as well as dietary. The true fault rests with the inactive American lifestyle, not any food.