• Keenan Wellar

    It’d look forward to further information about “social enterprise” as the term seems to have a very broad definition and it is being used to represent many very different activities. I know many passionate folks that say social enterprise does not have to be wrapped in the technical organization of a charity or non-profit incorporation. Within the charitable sector, I have seen many old forms of program delivery essentially rebranded as “social enterprise.” It is one of those terms that currently has a positive feel to it regardless of whether or not the activities and outcomes are a positive to the community. I see many instances of “social enterprise” that are in fact continuations of sheltered/segregated environments for people with disabilities, for example. Or a means by which certain marginalized persons are working for less than minimum wage. So, how about it folks? What is a social enterprise?

  • Paul Leppitt

    Almost all organisations are “mission driven” whether they are for profit ,commercial businesses or charity. This cannot be a defining factor that defines a social enterprise. Perhaps the name should be the clue in determining what qualifies, firstly it should be an enterprise, which indicates trading activity as the primary income source and an strategy to be self sufficient and not rely on donor funding for operation. Secondly it should have the social dimension which should be integral with its mission. As always, it is the detail where one can judge this, so I expect we will have a great deal of ambiguity for some time on the term.