Whoops! Watchdog Charity Intelligence Loses Charitable Status

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September 25, 2012; Source: Toronto Star

On September 15 in Toronto, Charity Intelligence, a charity watchdog that rates other charities, lost its own charitable status after failing to file an annual financial report with the Canada Revenue Agency. Oddly, it cited “a series of unfortunate events” that resulted in an admin mishap.

Managing Director Kate Bahen says the organization quickly tackled rectifying the issue once it came to their attention. The Toronto Star notes, “Audited statements for 2011 are now available on the Charity Intelligence website, though they have yet to be posted to the Canada Revenue Agency website.”

Writes reporter Amy Dempsey, “Charity Intelligence rates and recommends charities based on several factors, including transparency, and has been critical of charities that do not post full audited financial statements on their websites.” Bahen says she realized that there are some who might revel in the irony of all of this. –Ruth McCambridge

  • Keenan Wellar

    It has definitely been cause for some chuckles up here in the north country, particularly since the metrics used by this organization are – in the opinion of many – not very useful for assessing charities. But failing on the basics – such as filing one’s annual return on time – is definitely cause for concern 🙂

  • Agni Shah

    This is very interesting! What does it point to? Too much work? Misunderstanding the importance of this information/activity? Just plain oversight is unlikely to be the cause. Perhaps staff turnover or noncooperation from auditor/accountant? Really a bad mark on the organization though it might be uncharitable to think bad about the organization without further information. This may be an example of good intentions but bad practice. Certainly a cause for concern.