And That Pink Smoke at the Vatican Means…

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March 12, 2013; Source: Euronews

The power of a good symbol well used cannot be overstated.


A small group of Catholic women from Britain, America and Australia convened at the Vatican yesterday holding flares that released a pink smoke. Their purpose was to advocate for the ordination of women priests. The pink smoke, of course, is a play on the white and/or black smoke released in the course of the Papal Conclave to announce whether or not a new Pope has been selected.


Miriam Duignan of said, “The Catholic church should be a healthy and vibrant place with equality, with both men and women called to the priesthood. Jesus did not exclude women. Jesus encouraged women and actively sought to include them…So why do the cardinals who are supposed to represent Jesus make a point of actively excluding women, of telling them to be quiet? And of criminalising anybody that speaks out in favour of women priests?”


Amen to that, although we do wish that women’s issues were not incessantly depicted with the color pink. –Ruth McCambridge


  • Nancy D

    Regarding your opinion piece “About the pink” –

    “I am so very sick of the practice of using pink to denote anything having to do with women. What are we—just a bunch of three year olds yearning after sparkly tutus? Am I overreacting?”

    No – I think not. What troubles me is boiling everything down that women do, think, accomplish, rally for, rail against, to a color associated more now than ever before with pretty little girls. I am reading “Cindarella Ate My Daughter” which describes this phonomenon and its downsides quite well. What ever happened to powergirlz….and power women? We are being lumped into a cute sticky mass by the media. I say, with the exception of Komen, for whom it is a logo, we should Sink the Pink.