• Rebecca

    It is hard enough to help our kids have high self esteem about their bodies without ignorant jerks like Jeffries, saying whatever it takes to cause a stir and sell more clothes. Too bad for him it is backfiing this time! Jeffries has no problem being exclusionary now. Wonder what he will do if one of his kids does not fit the mold of what modren day public school kids call normal. Let’s see how he responds to his child riunning home crying because he doesn’t have any friends because he is too big to have cool clothes. Acually, I would hate to see what a person like Jeffries would actually say and do to his own child in this situation. I have four kids, all with different body types and even more different personalities and sets of friends. I would never buy A&F because I have much better things to spend our family’s hard earned money on. But I can tell you that each of my kids is loved and knows it. Thank God for uniforms in public schools these days, which level the playing field and give everyone a chance to learn and be liked for who they are and not what they wear.