Four Central Agreements for Behavior at Standing Rock (and Elsewhere)

The historic gathering of Indigenous Nations and allies at Standing Rock Oceti Sakowin Camp had four agreements the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Oceti Sakowin leaders asked those who joined them to observe. We hope you will read them, think carefully about their meaning, and apply them in your work.

Nonprofits and Strategic Rhetoric: Make It Your Own

I want to suggest that you set the time aside for a really extraordinary webinar we have planned for the 27th of September. Julie Sweetland will be joining us from the FrameWorks Institute to help us all get our heads straight for the social change tasks we have ahead of us before and after the upcoming election. FrameWorks’ expertise is in communication, addressing the issues we care most about in productive ways. That’s one of the biggest core responsibilities we share. Here is the description for the session, and I will tell you that even in prepping for this session with Julie, I had any number of “Aha!” moments.