• John

    This decision is much less nefarious than the article suggests. The announcement to allow Venturers (not just girls, but the entire program) as full participants was made immediately following the 2010 National Jamboree. The July date in this article is when registration for the 2013 Jamboree opened.
    In previous Jamborees, Venturers were involved only as part of the staff, with little ability to participate in any of the programs and activities open to all other (Scout) participants. This decision has less to do with the membership issue and much more to do with almost 15 years of work to allow Venturers to participate in this amazing event.
    To directly answer the “Why now?” question, it comes right down to attendance and revenue. 2000 more participants are taking part in this Jamboree at a time when declining enrollment and the poor economy is affecting the size of this event. The 2000 Venturers equates to about $1.8 million in additional revenue to this Jamboree (plus additional revenue to other BSA channels from the purchase of new uniforms, Jamboree souvenirs, personal gear, etc). And those 2000 will leave with incredible memories and experiences from the NEW High Adventure Base in the hopes of bringing back individual units between National Jamborees.