Obama, the Long-Term Unemployed, and Congressional Gridlock

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January 31, 2014;The White House

Tina Sticka of Billings, Montana was receiving all of $264 a week in long-term unemployment benefits until December when the program ended before her joblessness did. Her husband is a seasonally employed landscaper, currently unemployed until his work starts back up in April. He gets $254 a week in benefits. Sticker is one of the 539 Montanans who lost emergency long-term benefits when Congress passed a budget without an extension of those benefits.

If you were President Obama, the failure of Congress to extend long-term unemployment benefits might have struck a crippling blow to your administration’s ability to aid people like Tina Sticka, who have been unemployed for what to them must seem like forever and a day. Most states typically offer up to 26 weeks of unemployment benefits. The extended unemployment benefits that Congress failed to renew had made available up to another 47 weeks as an emergency response to the Great Recession. When Congress failed to act, 1.4 million unemployed persons lost vital sources of income as they looked for nonexistent jobs.

But don’t think that meant that only 1.4 million people were classified as long-term unemployed. That was only the number of people who would lose their benefits with the expiration of the 26-plus-47 weeks. The December 2013 report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics counted 3.878 million people who had been unemployed 27 weeks or more—more than one-third of all unemployed persons, though in some states, such as Florida, New Jersey, and the proto-state of the District of Columbia, the long-term unemployed comprise half of all unemployed job seekers. That statistic, however, counts only people who are still in the labor force; that is, people still looking for jobs. The BLS will count people as long-term unemployed people still in the labor force for up to five years. In all probability, the decreasing labor force participation rate, in December down to 62.8 percent, lower than at any time in this decade, is partly attributable to unemployed people simply giving up the job search.

So, in President Obama’s shoes, what might you do with a purported economic recovery that appears to be leaving millions of jobless people by the wayside and, due to Congressional inaction, without long-term unemployment benefits? Last Friday, the President convened top corporate executives at the White House to announce that he had persuaded 300 large corporations, including 21 of the top 50, such as Wal-Mart, Apple, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, General Motors, and Ford, among others, to adopt new guidelines that would not discriminate against the long-term unemployed in their hiring practices. Even President Obama’s bête noire, Rupert Murdoch, on behalf of 20th Century Fox and News Corp., signed on to the recommended best practices.

The problem is well known. The longer one is unemployed, the less likely one is to appear as an attractive job applicant to many employers. The new guidelines are voluntary “best practices” for corporations, though the president issued an “executive memo” that the federal government would abide by the same hiring guidelines.

Remember, during his State of the Union address, the president vowed to use any and all tools he could to achieve his policy goals. He called on Congress to extend long-term unemployment benefits, though Congress had only failed to agree on a compromise deal just before he delivered his speech. However, this tool is only a voluntary promise by companies not to discriminate against job applicants who have large blank spots of unemployment in their work histories. It doesn’t mean new jobs. It doesn’t even guarantee that the companies’ voluntary endorsement of these best practices will lead to their recruitment staff actually rebalancing their thinking about these job applicants. It is only, as the White House put it, a commitment to give the long-term unemployed a “fair shot.”

Anything in this tool for nonprofits? For one, nonprofits might be well advised to contact the participating corporations and structure ways of introducing the long-term unemployed that they serve to these employers. Turning a nonprofit eye on these voluntary corporate pledges increases the possibility that some of these corporate employers might actually do something.

The president also announced a $150 million Department of Labor grant program for public-private partnerships to help prepare and place the long-term unemployed in jobs. As described in a White House fact sheet, these “Ready to Work Partnerships” will tap $150 million from Labor’s H-1B Fund to support “high performing partnerships between employers, nonprofit organizations, and America’s public workforce system.” The mid-February grant solicitation will call for programs that focus on recruiting and employing the long-term unemployed, that emphasize work-based training such as on-the-job training and internships or apprenticeships, and that involve employers that make commitments to truly consider hiring qualified applicants.

It is an interesting use of the H-1B Fund, originally funded by user fees paid by employers of immigrants with H-1B visas, which was designed to “provide education, training, and job placement assistance in the occupations and industries for which employers are using H-1B visas to hire foreign workers.” $150 million isn’t a huge appropriation compared to the magnitude of the need. 

You’re the president. Congress has deprived over one million people of long-term unemployment benefits of a few hundred dollars a week. There are millions more who probably qualify. What would you do?—Rick Cohen

  • Joe

    People who are unemployed could care less where the money comes from and this is what the problem is.

    Administer cuts from other areas that are fat or why not use money that is allocated for foreign aid and diplomacy.
    When times get tough people borrow from peter to pay Paul all the time we tighten our belts and take care of our immediate family before we go spending money else where. the money is there.

    How about a 1 % tax that would be 8.00 out of my pocket multiply that by the number of people in the us.
    But that tax must be withdrawn when the crises is over. there is 317,470, 000 people right now. less about 24% for under 18.
    So 240mil X the average pay in the US 46k x 1% 110,400,000,000

    I think that’s right and I believe that covers it.
    Remember Unemployed people pay taxes on their unemployment

  • I would sign an executive order extending benefits

    What congress doesn’t seem to get is, we pay their salaries. More than that, they are supposed to represent us. Further, without people having incomes, that means lesser taxes being paid, property taxes not being paid, homes being lost, neighborhoods falling to potential blight and in the end, without people having an income who will ultimately pay the politicians salary if “the people” have no income?

  • Michelle

    After working since the age of 14 now 57, I have only collected an unemployment check for 1 week back in 1999.I am affected by the “non extension” I worked for the company for 6 years. I called unemployment to see where the 6 years of unemployment benefits are & they advised me that the remaining amount is good/valid until December 2014 of which I still have 26 weeks coming they advised me that I would have to earn $1200.. & reopen my claim to collect that. Why can’t they open the claim based on the number of years I paid in and still have. This would probably keep alot of us afloat until Congress gets off of their “hiney” and do something. The other day I read that as of Dec 28,2013, 1.68 million lost extended benefits, now in January 2014 another 1.24 million lost theirs. Does Congress or Washington for that matter believe that there are 2.92 million jobs out there.

    Here is an idea for them to concider, why not release “‘our” social security that we have been paying into since the 1960’s & 70’s, in reality it would be less than unemployment based on a month.

  • Dulce Teehankee Catalan

    We all are aware of the fact that Government is not the solution to all the problems that we are faced with. However, Government , should be able to come up with some type of resolution for the people. We are the people. We are hurting and we are doing the best we can, proactively seeking gainful employment. There are still no jobs that hire and willing to pay wages. It’s good to know that we can count on the Unemployment Benefits that all of us paid into. Now, why is Congress reluctant to pass this bill that would be able to give lifeline to people who are in dire straits. They should act now for people are hurting so bad, going hungry and experiencing major, unfathomable hardship. The problem is real! We are the people and Congress has to pass this legislation immediately, otherwise, the economic harm is vastly spreading which is going yo cause more detrimental effect to the overall Economic Recovery of our nation. Don’t stall, This is Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!. This shouldn’t be happening here! Again, We are the People so do something for the People!

  • Tim

    I emailed all 6 Congressmen from Iowa 1/18/14 so far none have answered in any way , shape , or form. I told them I’m disappointed they can aid Syria with $380 million, however can’t aid Americans unemployed during winter months with high heat bills , mortgages , and many with families to feed. Simply pathetic . Last week I called a local office of 1 Congressman , still no reply .

  • Ms. T

    I have worked since I was 14 years old, collected unemployment maybe 3 times in my lifetime. I get a job in 1999, worked for 14 years and then get let go in May of 2013, I could not believe it, hard reality check. So I get my unemployment things are still hard struggling, but making ends meet. Then my Happy New Year news is a letter in my mail box telling my unemployment has ended effective December 28,2103. I contact the IDES and the person on the phone was so rude he did not help me at all. I gave it a few days and called back and got a gentleman name Bill: he was the most helpful person i’ve ever encountered
    He help me get on the extension list and said that when the government do what they are going to do, your money will began, he could not tell me if it would retro or not, but the help he gave me I was very pleased.

    Now as for the government :Agreeing with Michelle :Here is an idea for them to consider, why not release “‘our” social security that we have been paying into since the 1960’s & 70’s, in reality it would be less than unemployment based on a month!!!!!

  • Joy

    Mr. Obama
    You are the President then be a President and overrule Congress.

  • UnemployedGoodPerson

    I have always tried to be a good person, I moved my mom in with me as she was unable to find employment at 60 years old with a bad hip…. she has been denied disability… because they say that she can do a sit down job…. I seen her work for years and coming home in soo much pain that she would be unable to move. She was living in a mobile home and it was falling in over her head… so I said hey mom come live with me since I have a great job and a 3 bedroom apartment. She came and moven in with me 2 years ago and she has been getting better with therapy. I then lost my job in July due to downsizing of the company, I have been on unemployment since and I was able to draw my 6 months of UI, I have not received anything after that as the extension program was cut off….

    I am TIRED of hearing people complain that uemployed people are lazy and not looking for work because that is a CROCK! I have been looking daily on all of the employment sites including the temporary services… I have been putting in about 30 resumes a week in looking for work and I have come up with a few interviews….. interviews that I find have about 50 more candidates for and these are jobs that I am highly qualified for with over 15 years of verifiable results… yet I am not offered a job???? I have my MBA in Business Administration from a very well known University…. I am told that I am “Overqualified” for jobs that are minimum wage… I WOULD ACCEPT THESE OFFERS IF I WAS GIVEN ONE! Yet I am hearing people on these blogs stating that people should just go out and get a lower paying job like fast food or something like that… let me tell you I HAVE applied for all of these jobs, these days people want you to apply online and there goes the first impression that you used to be able to get with the perspective employer… now they just see a resume without a face.. one that lists my experience that I guess excludes me from joining their team as I have to many qualifications, they are afraid that I will take the job and then continue looking for the next best thing…. and they are right… who can live on $7.75 an hour?!?! I would however take the $7.75 an hour.. I would not pass up the job! I know that there are SOME people that are abusing the system… just like every other system in America… however the MAJORITY of the people on this system rely on the benefits to get them to the next job… I would much rather be working that collecting about 40% of what I can be making if I was working… oh yeah and Benefits too… why would I not want those?

    I am now facing eviction at the end of this month and this will include my mom who I was trying to help… I am not sure what else to try anymore? We need these benefits back NOW!

    Why has there not been some discussion on giving some type of credit to the employers that hire someone on unemployment.. I mean they have something similar for the ones hired off welfare..WOTC??? Just saying

  • unemployedgoodperson

    I agree 100% with you… there are simple solutions that Congress can use to help in this CRISIS!

    There should be some incentive offered to perspective employers that might help unemployed americang gain employment… they offer WOTC tax credits for those on welfare… why not offer something for unemployed?

  • Barton McLaine

    Barry has created the biggest pool of unemployed workers in modern times in America.

  • Kathleen Weber and Sean Weber

    My husband and I were laid off two months apart. He was in Feb.2013 and I in April 2013 from the same company. We had just lost our house previous to this job and the owner of this company blessed us with full time jobs for both of us to help out since we had lost our prior jobs of 10 to 12 years. We both worked there and things were looking up until the owner (who hired us) laid us off because lack of work. So he says. I found out months later he had hired illegal immigrants and paid them $3.00 less an hour than us. I was crushed. We collected unemployment and kept on our search for jobs, and nothing. When we got to the point of the extended program and was only on it for 2 weeks before congress ended it. Now we have absolutely no income and no money at all. Not even a dollar. We are staying with family and praying something will change for us. We have no children therefore cannot collect cash from welfare only food stamps. I can’t go on much longer like this.
    We are going to have to start begging on the street soon. Someone please help us!!

  • phillip roberts

    It doesn’t matter asking what i would do. what does matter is this country is being run by a bunch of idiots. Obama says one thing and does another. He cannot be trusted to do what is right for this country, Instead he helps other country’s out while denying that there is a problem with the economy in the united states. we have some of the highest unemployment rates in years especially in Michigan. Detroit has claimed bankruptcy, but who gives a crap that half of the business have left this state, while leaving millions unemployed. They convince the public there is not problem here in america nor is there a high enough unemployment rate to justify extending the benefits. I am getting tired of news outlets playing this like its a game. what is true is our government could care less about those people who need this money to get through when it is the worst time of the year to let these people just drop to the waste side. Obama is an idiot and so is everyone in congress. They are all crooks and need to be fired and go on unemployment, but that will never happen. It is going to take a revolution to bring this country back to what it was founded on. They create problems to rip the people off, just like when wall street gangsters caused the stock market to implode and got bail out or vacation money for all the CEO in big corporations across america. But not one american gave a crap that these people ripped them off for billions of dollars and gave it to people who caused the economy to crash. If you or I would have caused the economy to crash and make millions of people loose their houses and pay the banks off, WE WOULD HAVE BEEN PUT IN PRISON! Some day news outlets are and the people reporting the false hoods are gonna wish they had stuck to telling a more truthful open correct depiction of just what this government is doing. But that will never happen because there all owned by the crooks. This country has gone to hell.

  • mark smith

    Makes wish I hadn’t fought for this country.

  • Kelly F.

    It would be interesting to see how congress would react if their own incomes were in jeopardy—but, oh, that isn’t likely to happen is it? They are not even expected to participate in Obamacare as it was originally set up for them, what a surprise. Shame on all of them.

  • Kevin

    Oh Joy,

    If only it worked like that:) President Obama has absolutely no executive power in extending unemployment benefits. The decision is Congress’s and theirs alone.

  • Solftailrider

    I would override congress and see that these people get some money , by making cuts somewhere else , if they can give other country money , why cain’t they help out their own ?

  • Brenda Madaris

    Dear Mr. President please take charge and pass the extended unemployment. We have to eat,pay rent,and stay warm. We pay taxes to thats our money, why can’t we get when we need it. We need it now. Give use a chance to find jobs, we don’t want to be unemployed. You are the president go over congress and pass the bill.Do the right thing Mr. President. You are a humble man, a fair man, you will do the right thing

  • Aaron

    I’ve read a lot of comments from people opposed to an unemployment extension. Some of the comments made really irks me. These people and the republican party are either very stupid or extremely cold hearted. In the case of the republican party I believe it’s both. The long term unemployed are not a bunch of lazy no good bums. There may be a very small percent of the long term unemployed that would prefer to stay that way. The vast majority of them however are actively seeking work and have been from day one. Does anyone truly believe that these people prefer to have to scrape by on a fraction of their former income. Does anyone truly believe that the long term unemployed want to give up there homes and or lose them to foreclosure or have to burn through their entire life savings and 401k’s just to keep them a little while longer. Does anyone truly believe that the long term unemployed want to have to tell their children that they can’t go to college like they planned because mom and dad have to use their tuition money to survive. The fact of the matter is there is only one job for every three unemployed workers. So if every single job opening was filled there would still be two thirds of the unemployed still unemployed. The republicans think this is acceptable. If the republicans are willing to turn their backs on such a large number of the American people then I think we should see how many republicans we the American people can put out of work come the next elections.

  • Paul Sullivan

    Thank you for making the issue important and showing the significance of what is going on in our country, nothing. No jobs bad economy and a senate and house that can not seem to understand that they are there in their jobs to do what we want not tondo what they think is best. I want a congress that does what the people want rather than one that runs on their own agenda. This is ridiculous these people hopefully will all lose their jobs next election and then they will maybe get an understanding of what we go through.

  • James Vendola

    I have been out of work since May 2013 I have been on at least 15 interviews with no luck as of yet every day I send out at least five or six resumes over the Internet, I also mail for five resumes every week to companies I usually get I’m overqualified or I don’t even get an answer. I have absolutely no money coming in I went on a couple programs I have no way of paying my bills they are ready to repossess my car I’m behind on my mortgage and all because you folks can’t get together and come to some kind of an agreement, I wish I had a job like you where after 10 years you get a full pension and when you guys get a raise its not like 3% yes you give up a lot but no one told you to go into politics is supposed to be there for the people by the people let’s get this thing straightened out him or this out help us please, I have had three jobs at once many times I pay my taxes and I do the best I can at my jobs I need unemployment just to have a chance to survive please pass it

  • pat

    maybe we the public should lay congress off ..let them collect an unemployment check for a while and see how the other half lives….so used to dining on steak..let them try hamburger for a while.

  • Rich

    If I were the president I would override the congress and extend the unemployment benefits immediately so people can pay their bills Let the congress then figure out how to stop all their nonsense and bickering. Let one of these congressmen try to live with no money to pay their bills. They should be ashamed of themselves for not finding a way to push this bill to extend benefits for so many people. We can help people all over the world but not in our country. Wake up congress and see what’s going on in your districts. Do you think that these people will forget come Election Day?

  • Ms. Collin

    Dear President Obama & Political Representatives:

    I had been working since the age of 15 years old to help my single mom raise a family. I have continued to work every week for 40 years until I lost my job as a Human Resource Manager due to management restructuring which caused hard working professionals to be pushed out the door after 9 to 28 years working for the firm.

    I have been diligently applying for jobs every week where I send around 10-15 resumes out each week in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I have been on several interviews but unfortunately someone younger or a recent graduate receives the offer of employment versus someone who is 55 years old trying to make a living. I went to college and received by Associates Degree. I took out student loans to help get me through college and was one of those individuals who paid back every penny to the government rather than walking away from my debt. I actually worked hard to pay it back early. I have continually contributed to our government by paying my taxes and helping those unfortunate. Now for the government to turn their backs on us and not stand by our side during these difficult times is very disappointing and ruthless. That’s our tax money the government has been using and we should have a right to fall back on it during hard times.

    I would very much appreciate it if you would bypass Congress and set the law straight by giving back unemployment benefits to those who can prove they are trying their utmost best to get back to work as soon as possible. The longer this goes on the more depressed people are going to become and the hardships are going to cause some people to give up entirely and make decisions that can take their life and the life of others. We don’t need more violence in this world. We need the government and the people to come together to help each other out.

  • Sharon Flaherty-Delacruz

    The Republicans need to give back the extension to all the peopel who need this life line. I have worked all my adult life and I need this money. Many people cannot even feed their children while Congress goes on vacation. Guess what many Republicans were collecting unemployment also and they will not be voting Republican in November. So in the long run the Republicans who don;t want to vote for this will only be hurting themselves on election day, WAKE UP REPUBLICANS.

    Give us back the extension.

  • Sarah Taylor

    Politicians scared to act when MILLIONS! are in pain from hunger, suffering from the cold living outside, early death from chronic illness from poverty.
    ALL talk and NO action!
    Yet they passed ALL the bank bailouts without delay!
    I love it when Americans turn there backs on other Americans cause they do not have work. Shameful people regardless of their political party will turn their backs and forget about the people in their own party. Its not about politics, its about the millions of people who have nothing. Zero money to find work, zero money for gasoline, zero money for food. How can you find work when you have no pennies to move around?

    As soon as the banks need money the data and media sponsored ads promote the need for banks to get money yet, the people get the bills and NOTHING in return

    Dam you yankees will suffer when the country stops working for the country.

    The civil was started for less crimes.

    I support you doing nothing as it will help bring this second event in our history to accumulate faster. The faster it starts the faster we will be free again.

  • Lia

    Congress job is to help & make sure of better America… That is what they say until asked to really do the job. If they want to know where the cuts should come from… THEIR PAY CHECKS. that would save billions. They have been bickering over non sense for years and still continue to get paid. There are many looking for jobs. Give some who need and want to work their jobs
    I would take a cut again in my unemployment to save & help them balance their budget, if that would help as well

  • nurseamo


  • Crystal Dgsby

    I am a 53 years old Administrative Assistant with very marketable skill and have been actively seeking employment for two years. I have also applied for other positions such as Customer Service Reps and Clerical. I am registered with several employment agencies and work is very far and few and none at all. It is vital that Congress stop the politics and agree to pass this extension. My family has been depending on my unemployment compensation to make ends meet. With out it bills are in the rears. I have been actively seeking employment for two years with no success. I need money to look for employment, for my phone to receive possible employment opportunities, and also for internet access to apply for positions. It has now been over for weeks with out. Every morning when I wake up to start my day I think is this going to be the day that the extension will pass, trying not to think about my bills that I am not able to pay. I just pray that this will come to and end with the extension going forward.

  • nurseamo






  • Greg

    Ok I lost my job due to Sweetbay closing.I have 12 more months to pay off my house.I can not find a job.So why don’t Congress take a pay cut to help all of us with unemployment?? They think it is so easy why don’t they try to make it on min. wage and only 15 to 20 hours a week if you can find a job.So I will loose my house owing 12 months on it.That is real sad.We send money to other countries and help them I think we should take care of our own.Don’t you think.I am 52 years old and worked all my life and paid in to the system and never collected unemployment.So what happened to all my money I paid in.I no this don’t and won’t make a difference. Thanks Greg

  • Ahiliya Lee

    It really sad to see this I have worked all my life and now when I really need the help it is cut off I have three young kids with no income. I have applied for so many jobs and the don’t exist Don’t know what to do they also promise you that you can refinance your house but they don’t tell you if you are not working that this will not help you . I at the end of my ropes have never seen so much incompetence ever ” But mind you they are all taking home a check “

  • Ron Bailey

    Please pass the Extension; we need our little bit of money to pay our bills and eat. We continue to search for work with no luck. WE WANT TO WORK. The money is not spent on Luxury; It is spent on Necessity needs while we search. The longer you haggle with congress the more our BILLS BACKUP…….PLEASE…

  • Making Ends Meet

    I don’t receive unemployment but if you need a little money to make ends meet asap this is a prigram that has made me enough to pay at least one bill. I really feel bad for you guys. The website is http://express.mycashfreebies.com/index.php? Ref=218711. You can make at least $60.00 a day with no money.

  • Thomas H Walsh

    how dare Congress and the Senate take away our small unemployment check they don’t care about us all they care about is their millions. How are we supposed to pay our bills buy our food when we don’t have the courtesy of an extension on unemployment benefits there are not enough jobs get it through your head this country is in bad shape

  • Ron Bailey

    Every time a foreign country has a catastrophy; The US always comes up with MILLIONS of DOLLARS to send to them for relief . I am all for helping our foreign friends, but what about US PEOPLE AT HOME.

  • Bernice G. Kelly

    The 300.00 people refer to is before taxes; the extended benefit is 257.00 per week after the tax deduction. If the extension must have an offset, take it out of the foreign junkets senators are so fond of. When discussing the solutions to long-term joblessness, separate that from the extended UI benefits. We need these payments now!!!! reinstate the payments and then talk endlessly about those subjects or any others. With no phone or gas for the car, it is impossible to look for work. Discussions will not help that! Get it done.

  • American Citizen

    People desperately needing this lifeline are so anxious for relief that we will take it thankfully and quickly feed our hunger, our children’s hunger, pay the rent, get the lights turned back on, take the car out of repo-hiding and put gas in it, AND put oil in their home heaters. It’s still a very fierce winter, and far too many American citizens have not had a way to meet these very basic essentials for more than a month.


    YES, we need a lifeline NOW — and a significant guarantee of continued and sustainable wage income at the end of this proposed 3-month extension. And Congress already knows that otherwise we get to repeat this misery again in a couple of months. Provided that the proposed extension now being considered includes a retroactive January benefit payment to those who lost EUC benefits on December 28, 2013, EUC benefits will AGAIN need the attention of Congress at the end of March. It is therefore not clear why resumption of the 4-Tier, 99-week EUC is not a part of the plan. I think we can all foresee that there will be NO SIGNIFICANT INCREASE in employment opportunities for the long-term or the short-term unemployed by April 2014. One of the underlying factors behind this economic debacle in the first place is that there are not enough jobs otherwise people would not be losing employment. To take away people’s jobs, and then to publicize with emphasis that one significant thing actually being done is increasing minimum wage (for some workers) to $10.10 per hour makes no sense whatsoever. It’s not even a “bandaid” fix.

    The funds needed to insure a sustainable life for American Citizens (especially during a time of emergency when 1.6 million people have no income whatsoever) should be a TOP PRIORITY, and under no circumstances should this be the subject of mindless Congressional bickering. Yes, take the money from WHEREVER it needs to come from: tax the uber-rich individuals AND corporations, limit the “space program” for now, stop the spending on wars that nobody wants, and until the country is again on its feet, limit the aid being generously contributed to other nations until we as a nation can stand up straight and strong again. It is apparent and we all know that the nation is now top-heavy, punch drunk and wobbling all over the place.

    What is the big plan, exactly? Will jobs-for-all miraculously appear in 3 months? With all due respect, employment wages at $10.10 per hour are hardly enough to sustain those who would prefer to NOT live in poverty and who are trying desperately to regain their footing with the vanishing hope of securing a job that provides a decent living wage. We frankly don’t see why tax-paying American Citizens come up last on the list of our nation’s priorities. The least Congress can do, and should immediately do, is to reinstate EUC and to do it for a longer and more sustainable period of time than 3 short months. If balancing a budget is more of a priority than millions of hungry American children, how can Congres call itself a just representative of this nation’s people? It can not say that at all. Is a “3-month extension” all that Congress can come up with (and bicker about)? REally?? Frankly, American citizens deserve much much more. This is OUR nation, Congress. Aren’t you embarrassed to put on this face to the rest of the world?

  • HadToSellCarWhy

    It is a bunch of B.S. because I had to sell my car because the insurance and registration became due at the end of January 2014. Now I have no transportation or any money to look for jobs not in my local area (walking distance). Another big reason why I had to sell is because it would have been towed by the police for not having registration and insurance and the pound would have kept my car. I needed to receive some compensation to pay February rent and the current job market is not looking good. I was also enrolled in a re-training course by the Department of Labor and could not continue because they disqualified me from program for lack of job searching. Mind you I had qualified after being put off for months by DOL and was told the re-training was my job while I completed the course. Internet job searching gives the employers more power for discrimination against the unemployed. March will be here before I know it and rent will be due again, all we can do is pray.

  • Justin

    As a seasonally employed worker, and a person who has made a point to stay off ‘the system’ during my unemployed winter months, it’s a bit of a slap in the face to feel like Congress is showing tough love to people like myself.
    A person is only eligible to collect unemployment money if they’ve contributed a given amount to the program. The less you worked before being laid off, the less you can collect. The point I’m trying to make is that we aren’t free-loaders. The amount of money I had gotten per week was under $200 when the benefits were cut. Last season I worked lots of hours for two companies, but I was on the extension because my account is still going off of what I made 18 months ago, when I was basically on-call, and worked scarce hours.
    So, much to the chagrin of my employer of ten years, I’ll be venturing out to work somewhere else instead of waiting for the spring to get re-hired.
    Like in other years, where I found other work, I’ll be forced to lie to the job interviewers of the companies I’ll be applying for, and telling them I plan to stay and grow with their company in a minimum wage position, when in reality I’ll know that I’m planning to ditch them and return to my seasonal job making $24/hour in the spring. In reality, most interviewer can read between the lines and see that I’m not a good prospect to hire for this very reason.
    Is my dilemma clear? There are no doubt many of you who can relate.

  • matt

    the president needs to bypass congress and help the people! obviously congress needs to be replaced, voters unite and vote democrats. i was a republican,i’m ashamed of them! if the president uses his pen to pass the unemployment extension and help the people now that would be great for all those families. lets hope he does what he knows he must! congress republicans are evil people that dont care about the american families, all they care about is themselves and how much can they get from large companies. believe me they all have secret accounts that they have so no one would know if they got money from those companies. but thats another story, just vote them out when the time comes! and remember their names so if you see them in the supermarket one day punch them in the face.

  • FedUp!!!

    The president can declare a state of economic emergency and issue an extension by executive order. This is the only way he can do it. He would have to declare a federal economic emergency.

  • Jenkins

    I don’t understand what is going on with how people think I am one of 1.6 million people that are on unemployment that needs the extension I am a single father of 3 I am there hero do you know how hard it is to stay that way when you have no income I look for a job everyday thought I had one but the offer was taken back when they got my background check back along with the fact that I was on unemployment for over the 27 weeks a now that has been taken but it is something I Will get though for my kids I will not give up I will not take it I Will keep my head up and push on but congress shame on you they should take all your money and pay away for a month and a half so you can see how hard it is to stay the hero to your kids get it together there are many like me in that 1.6 million its not a lifestyle it is what keeps us afloat

  • Pancho

    I have worked since I was 17 years old.I am now 42 years old.The company I worked for went out of buisness in July..I have been looking for a job very consisitently and have had no luck..Then my unemployment checks ran out after 5 months 3 weeks and 4 days.I have been paying taxes for years and your gonna tell me that the government can only pay me for 5 months of insurance after working for so many years.Sometimes i cant believe this country..The people who only use it when they need also have to suffer when they are down on their luck.I love my country but the bickering on trying to prove whois right and whos wrong is BS.Its about the people..not the people in congress whos pockets get richer and richer while ther middle class continues to suffer.All I want is whats coming to me…after 24 years of paying taxes I get 5 months of UI insurance…Cant believe it.

  • T awkins

    This is my reply from John Boehner
    Thank you for contacting me regarding unemployment insurance (UI). I appreciate hearing from you.

    Given our uncertain economic climate, I understand that workers are having difficulty finding employment. Congress has acted to assist workers unable to find employment. W hen eligible workers lose their jobs, the Unemployment Compensation (UC) program may provide up to 26 weeks of income support through the payment of regular UC benefits. Unemployment benefits may be extended for up to 47 weeks by the temporarily authorized Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC08) program. Unemployment benefits may be extended for up to a further 13 or 20 weeks by the permanent Extended Benefit (EB) program under certain state economic conditions.

    On January 2, 2013, the president signed into law the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (H.R. 8). The law extended the authorization for the EUC08 program through the week ending on or before January 1, 2014, and altered the structure and availability of EUC08 benefits in states.

    There is no more urgent task for Washington than getting our economy back to creating jobs. Millions of Americans are looking for work, are underemployed, or have simply stopped looking altogether. That is unacceptable. House Republicans’ top priority is job creation and we have laid out a detailed plan for American job creation and economic growth, which is available at GOP.gov/jobs. I talk about it virtually every week at my press conferences and in my digital media efforts, and nearly every week you can find a bill on the House floor that is being driven by some aspect of our jobs agenda.

    Resources are available to Ohioans through the OhioMeansJobs program. You can access available job postings and submit your resume online at http://www.ohiomeansjobs.com or visit an OhioMeansJobs Center for help with resume development, career planning, job search skills, and more. To find the nearest center, call 1-877-US2JOBS, or go to http://jfs.ohio.gov or http://ohioheretohelp.ohio.gov for additional resources .

    Creating a better environment for job creation is Republicans’ number one focus because it’s the American people’s number one concern. Rest assured that I understand the hardships many families, businesses, and industries are currently facing. I look forward to working with my colleagues and the administration on this critical issue to preserve and create American jobs and I will keep your views in mind as Congress continues to consider UI benefits.

    Thank you again for contacting me with your thoughts. Please don’t hesitate to inform me of your concerns in the future. To sign up for email updates, I invite you to visit my website at http://johnboehner.house.gov .


    John A. Boehner
    Member of Congress

    I have worked since I was 15 and now 57 never have been on any assistance before, I replied back to him with no word back.

  • Susan Sims

    Please re-instate the emergency unemployment! Those of us who were cut of prior to finding a job are suffering terribly!

  • angie steinberg

    Extend unemployment benefits to those who qualify. Illegals are taking jobs. The rich the banks & oversized corporations are greedy & working towards changing this country to Mussolini. & Hitler era. I asked my father a LEGAL immigrant from Italy why he couldn’t get ahead in Italy? He held up one finger & said the 1% rich owned everything & the rest of us got poorer & poorer until the poor started believing in the rhetoric of Mussolini Hitler Lenin because they were. hungry & looked for a way out. Some like my Grandfathers immigrated to USA. Now the likes of Europe is happening in this country…..people will rebel and a crazy leader will emerge wiping out the republican special interests corporations banks with riots in the street& then war. We dont seem to learn from the past!!!!!!

  • Marcus

    You’re supposed to help your own mom. that does not make you a fn hero a great person. wake up weenie and get off the govt teet. stay on it and it will end badly for you.

  • share my story if u want

    My name is Crystal Steele. I am a single mother of 2 sons ages 16 and 14. I grew up in foster care and have never depended on or asked anyone for help. I graduated high school but wasn’t able to finish college because I became a single mom at an early age. I have always worked hard to provide for my kids. In 2008 I began studying for a commercial drivers license. I went through All State School participating in a $4000 class and passed with flying colors.I began driving trucks, and not spending enough time with my children decided to pursue a county position driving buses. In 2009 was when I filled out my initial application, finally, after years of trying, in 2011 I got the job. Finally, I have a career, job stability, financial freedom, and can offer my kids a promising future. In 2012, My doctors office called me and told me if I don’t come in immediately I could pass out or even die. I was being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I fought for a year with pills, diet, and exercise trying to regulate it. After almost dying and being hospitalized in Sep 2012 and June 2013, they realized I was a type 1 diabetic and the only way to control it was insulin. Federal law prohibits me from operating a commercial vehicle while on insulin, I also had to voluntarily downgrade my CDL which I worked so hard for. Started receiving unemployment benefits in July (approx 6 months ago). I’ve been looking for a job every day even on the weekends with no success as of yet.Needless to say, the unemployment was helping maintain a roof over our heads and food on our table. We are getting food from local charities and churches to survive. I’ve exhausted every resource in my county for assistance with utility bills and things of that nature. Which they only help once a year. After losing my career, my license, almost losing my life, next im being faced with losing my home, my car, and possibly my kids if I can’t afford to feed them. Please help by signing the extension, we are praying you will find compassion for our family and the many other families in desperate need. Thank you.

    Crystal Steele (202-391-3787)

  • victor

    Really really we can find billions of $ to corrupted afghan government but you let your people dying home….thanks Obama

  • Robert

    My wife.is.the.only breadwinner as I just had my fifth spin! rgery and im.waiting to.see.if.ill get my social security disability. She just got.laid.off.a.few.weeks.back.and.hadn’t worked.long enough to.qualify for.a.new.unemployment claim.She sstill had several weeks left on the claim she came off of after getting the job she was just let go from. We have three.boys and.our.foodstamp benefits have already been cut.down a month. Congress needs to get off their asses and help us out. I didn’t choose to.have my garage door come crashing down on my.causing me to.be totally disabled. She didn’t ask.to.be.laid.off.yet again because of.cutbacks. Get off your asses.and.do your.fucking job or better yet, sell your.mercedes and send.me.the the.money so I can.pay.@4 mortgage payments I’ve missed.over the last two.years

  • Arsenial

    @unemployedgoodperson, I think you should stay positive. What you are doing for your mom is a great thing. Ignore the negative people like Marcus because Misery loves company. The government definitely needs to get it together because they are being very selfish right now and are not thinking about the People!

  • Lora Szlaczky

    I too, am one of the lucky ones who lost my extended benefits. I am 50 yrs old, my middle child is graduating from college in May, to move back with me. Well, if I have a home. Already on budget plans and payment arrangements with utilities, I am now getting shut off notices and threats of eviction. Why when we lose jobs, we lose all, but politicians who make the decisions, continue to receive pay and benefits after they finish their terms? What’s wrong with this picture America? Then sequestration of money when you get extended benefits. Congress and politicians… You live on that little money!

  • Perry Staley

    I c anunderstand the concern of people using the system but to be honest with you I would rather have people in this country using The system and get money ,rather than sending another 50 billion dollars to AFGHANISTAN!!!! I mean come on people let’s get real I admit Congress is a little out of hand but do you really think that we should be sending money to buy weapons for people who are just going to turn and use them on Us, these other countries are bleeding Us dry and along with Congress spending money like it’s their own you know its just doesn’t help matters at all so lets not b**** about our people getting the money and not even say a word about sending all this money to other countries to help them I’m sorry but I’d rather have that money helping our people

  • Dawn post

    I have worked three jobs and I am 42 years old all of them I have worked at least 9 years at. Now I am on unemployment and still looking for work! But it’s getting really hard with no income to get to interviews and to feed my family something has to give!!!!

  • Alcides Acevedo

    I was laid off after working for the company for over 6 yrs due to a on the job injury, I have a severe speech problem wich when I have job interviews they look at me like a horrible uneducated person! Im a 26 yr old man with a wife n baby boy…I AM TRYING WITH ALL MY HEART N SOUL TO GET A JOB BUT KEEP GETTING TURNED DOWN!!!!!! PLEASE EXTEND THE UNEMPLOYMENT PLEASE MY FAMILY AND I ARE RUNNING ON FUMES!!!!!! we are about to loose our car wich we saved 1 yr to finance it, we r barely eating we need help…PLEASE congress help us Americans out!!!!!

  • BC

    All sounds fine and good except for a couple points. Small ad medium size business accounts for the largest percentage of jobs, not the big corporations. These companies are whom the President needs to address, not just the large national/multinational corporations.

    Next, many firms practise discrimination based on age for a number of what I like to term, “excuses”. Reading responses to news stories, editorials and on blogs I frequently will come across posts from people in their 50s – 60s saying they were laid off and are continually being passed over because of their age. This is something the President never addressed in his speech last Tuesday or discussions with business leaders.

    Did these people not see that those born in the Baby Boom of the 1950s would be hitting their 50s & 60s by now? This is part of why we have such a disproportionate number of long term unemployed not seen since the end of World War II. If it is having this kind of impact on unemployment numbers, what will it do to programmes like SSI and Medicare a few years from now?

    Someone in Washington (DC) is not seeing the ‘big picture”.

  • Richard D Fife

    I am a Union Sheet Metal worker, and I have been unemployed since July 2013. Not because of any fault of my own. I dedicated 4 years of my life to attend school as an apprentice just so that I would not only have a job but so that I would have a trade. Now because of a sluggish economy nobody is building anything. I feel like the people that are unemployed are being short changed because the people that are supposed to represent the American people have never had to deal with the struggles of being unemployed. It is not something that we” the unemployed” have asked for, it is what happens when the economy tanks. So, before you paint all unemployed people with such a large brush, realize that there are many people without work that are waiting on the jobs that have supposedly been created by this administration. Bring the jobs back to the United States and stop illegal immigrants from taking the jobs away from the unemployed Americans. Place a tariff tax on the products that are being brought into this country by the companies that have moved their business’s over seas to get a cheaper workforce. Make it so that they lose money by being over seas. That will bring the jobs back.

  • Warren

    If I was in Obamas shoes I would of placed a Executive Order immediatly following the first failed vote to extend EUC benefits, Congress didn’t have no problem passing a trillion dollar bill to make sure they kept working and on avg salary of 170,000 a year compared to my salary of about 65,000 a year which I don’t even get anymore I was getting a mere 330 a week on Euc and I worked at my job for 17 years paid my taxes never needed help and they cut people like me and many others right off from the waist down, I bet not one member of congress has to worry about if there gonna be able to pay there electric bill before the cutoff date, I bet not one member of congress has to call a landlord and tell them they are gonna be late paying there rent or can’t pay it at all, If I were persident it would be a requiremnt for the to be on congress you would have to live off the avg enemployment payout of around 300.00 a week for 90 days and have to live somewere and make things work while looking for a job, I would call this Poverty Striken Understood Certifed because this congress has no clue, not restoring those benefits either is gonna cause states now to run out of other funds like foodstamps, temporary cash asssistance, energy assistance amoung others now all these people that weren’t elegible for those benefits cause of euc are now elegible so democrat or rebulican get off your buts and do what you gotta do because your just depleting your states funding budgets overall in this situation and ultimitly the only thing at the end of this road is a nationwide hurt.

  • eddie e

    Why doesn’t congress and all the government employed idiots take a 60% pay cut like people on unemployment did.that would more than cover the unemployment benefit extension. Instead they are taking three weeks off to go play with themself.. wish I could take a vacation, I’d rather be working!!

  • mark anthony

    :(:(can not pay rent or carpayment buy food for my kids what are they thanking. tell the republican party to wake up.mitt romney said the poor has a safety net .well my net has a Big HOLE run tell that to your party. Definition of safety net … A large net for catching one that falls. well 1.6 million are falling down.

  • Ryan

    It’s a great idea to raise a very small tax and I would pay it in a heartbeat , but to many would be outraged over losing a couple more dollars. It’s sad how greedy this country has become. There is no reason this bill shouldn’t have passed by now. It shows just how useless republicans in office are. When I watched the SOTU Ithought Boehner was gonna burn a whole in the back of Obama ‘s head. The guy is very disrespectful and full of hate, he doesn’t deserve to be in congress. The UI bill may pass the Senate but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it passing in the House. So many common sense resolutions to these major bills a 7th grader could figure it out. Bottom line if it doesn’t benifit the GOP with subsidies and voter support so they can continue to be over payed and abuse there privledges you miight as well forget about it. And what makes me really sick is when the publically oppose a bill but vote yes for it because it benifits them.

  • Michele

    I feel everyone’s need. By the grace of God I found a job two weeks after my unemployment ran out. We pay the Congressman’s salary correct ? One way or another we pay……!!! Our state senators are not struggling, they are not wearing coats in their houses trying to save money on heat, they are NOT waiting in line for food stamps, they DIDNT have their homes and cars repossessed, did they?? Absolutely not thy are living fat off the hog, and I will not be their HOG. I refuse to let My tax dollars feed their families, heat their homes , put gas in their cars. Where were they when I needed them ….enjoying the holidays with their families. Did they help me NO AND I WILL NOT HELP THEM. So I will the “American” thing and boycott everything that has to do with government . I will not spend my hard earned money in this aweful economy. If every American that believes Congress left the “unemployed” to fend for themselves FOLLOWED in suit and did not spend any money to fatten the government’s pocket maybe they would get the point!! We are AMERICA THE PEOPLE WE STAND AS ONE ……I DONT SEE IT I SEE A BUNCH OF GREEDY SELF-CENTERED INDIVIDUALS WHO DONT CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES. So until there are some changes I will not help the economy until they decide to help us!!!

  • kenneth graham

    The lack of an uemployment check,has deprived me as a veteran,from attending work therapy programs through the v.a.here in st.louis ,as i must commute 30 miles to participate. Without these funds i cannot get there. It just astounds me ,that congress would deny us in the middle of one of the worst winters we have seen in decades. Then again i can count on one hand the last time congress did anything to help anyone in need. I did my part, i served my country and this is the help i get when i am dow. It upsets all of us like me,to see congressmen on television smiling as we and our families suffer this winter.

  • Deb

    As a person who is unemployed and will be losing the only income I have I am terrified at the prospect of having $0 income. I am praying that the “Leadership” in Washington DC wakes up and realizes people like myself who have worked and supported the rest of the United States for 30+ years could risk losing my security as a result to not having this income. I am looking for a job every day and taking classes at night to further my education in order to make myself more marketable. I am not sure what else I can do.

    If I was President I would find a way to override all votes disallowing emergency benefits to be voted in. I would run a commercial listing the names of those law makers preventing the approval from moving forward and run it across every state in the United States. I am aware this information is available for viewing however if you don’t know where to look it is not easy to access the information. Full disclosure will give the voters information for future elections. I can guarantee you everyone knows someone who is unemployed. These people are your mother, your father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, etc that are threatened by the loss of income.

    Two ideas to finance the extension would be to use:

    1. Any and all monies invested in illegal alien benefits; anyone receiving these benefits didn’t earn the benefits they are receiving as they are not US citizens in my opinion. Once they become citizens, they earn the privilege of benefits.
    2. Take the money invested in foreign countries targeted to stimulate foreign economies.

    For once focus on the people in this country that need help.

    I know this seems simplistic and juvenile, however, wasn’t the reason our government was formed to represent Americans and promote their well being? I am pretty sure that little point has been forgotten. If the government is not going to represent ALL people, perhaps they should move on and do something else . Perhaps they could join the “unemployment line”.

  • BobC

    There is a new practice in America common with the long-term unemployed. Members of an aging work force realizing a top wage/salary can easily lose their positions to younger less costly alternatives. This applies to non-union scale wages as well as all levels of management. After over 10 years of service, receiving no negative feedback, no notice or severence, always realizing a good performance bonus, I was told corporate wanted to make a change. I’m 5 years old, working my butt off trying to find a position, and am experiencing age discrimination. On top of that, now I lose my so called life line of benefits.

  • BobC

    I’m 58 years old.

  • Lbn5

    I think it’s a great ideal for the president to build some relationships with these companies. But how do this help the families that have no income right now to pay the mortgage or rent, phone bills so they can get the call for the job, light bill so that they may be able to look for a job. Money to gas the car or bus fare to get to the job. If Obama have the power to do anything, please help these millions of american keep there dignity, shelter, and there mind. Nothing more stressful not knowing how long you have before everything is loss. How do congress sleep at night knowing millions of people have no income at all coming in. In my state you only get twenty weeks a year. OBAMA, if you have the power it time for you to use it, to many people are suffering. Including me. I ask everyone to find out who your congress person is and see where they stand on this and remember them at election time.

  • Judy Ann Hicks

    At this point you want to say, “IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?” or maybe, much more to the point, “IS ANYBODY IN THERE?” (underscore “IN” and bold it).

    I am one of those 1.3 million. I am 60 years old and was “aged out” of my job at the end of 2012. Unemployment extensions have been my lifelines. I know I am not alone. In fact, when I read blogs such the Washington Post’s Plum Line I see people who joined in the debate over the unemployment extension who were in much more dire straits.

    Let’s remind everybody, especially our political leaders, that you’re ineligible for unemployment benefits if you cause your own termination or you quit. Being on unemployment means you were laid off for a reason out of your control. Mine was that I got too old and was replaced by someone 30 years younger. Sometimes “it” just happens.

    I never imagined that my second “it” hit would come in the form of politicians playing stalling games in order to make a political point.

    I urge every one of you politicians, who are holding up your vote to pass the unemployment extension, to read some of these comments on some of these blogs. There are unemployed adults with children out there who are close to homeless because of your games. Please put an end to it now and DO YOUR JOB!

    Many thanks,

    Judy Hicks

  • ron batey

    What am i going to do. Gonna lose everything. I give up. No gas money.

  • Gwen

    I have worked in my job for 29 years and was laid off a year ago and my unemployment shut off in my face. This is no handout to me because I have been paying taxes all my life holding a job so technically I worked for any monies given and I am entitled to it. Maybe if Congress members were to experience what us unemployed are going through personally like if it were to happen to them individually then they would get it. Can you please give us the only source we have to take care of our families. Which we deserve back to us. Besides how can we be lazy when the only way to receive unemployment benefits is to have had a job. DUH!

  • vickie johnson

    I am among the unemployment that needs the extended unemployment passed. Since I am not receiving unemployment they think I have gone away. There are more of us out here looking for jobs that are not being counted as among het unemployed.

    This needs to pass now so many Americans can find a job without losing their homes and defaulting on all payment to creditors.

  • Tamera Davis

    This is ridiculous already! It’s beyond me how congress just let tax paying American citizens be without any help, help that we have worked for and earned. It’s a very sad day in our country. We are at a standstill u could say, to leave fellow Americans in need and there is help but we are to bull minded to act and take a stand to say this is disheartening would be an under statement

  • bret burden

    ya keep your head up, it will get better soon. and ignore those idiots like marcus just because they are uninformed idiots

  • Gigi

    It is very unfortunate that we have a Congress that is so out of touch with the rest of the country that over the years they have forgotten the fact that americans pay their taxes and that they are there to work for our best interests. This system is no longer working for the people, but for those in Congress and the perks that this position allows them to have. They have become selfish and self serving and the system needs a major overhaul. These gridlocks, along with prior government shutdowns is not american at all. All of the congress men and woman need to get out in the field, as they do when they want your vote, to talk to real people to feel and see what american families are going through.

    The unemployed need to have their benefits restored so they can survive. They definately can’t get rich from unemployment benefits. I’ know there are several programs that are wasteful that can be cut to fund the extended unemployment benefits. I also know the Farm Bill that just passed benefited a few of our congress representatives.

    Our Congress needs to also put their energy into Education (an educated nation is a profitable and strong), Immigration (this country is made of immiigrants from all over the world), but close the border. We as a country allowed the border to be open far too long. We need to limit the number of terms the Congress can serve. The President can only serve 2 terms and the Congress need term limits also. We need fresh faces and ideas. These positions do not need to be a career job because they no longer work for the country’s best interest. Finally, get rid of lobbyists and special interest groups that don’t benefit the country.

    A nation divided… History tells you the rest!!!

  • Judy Ann Hicks

    Ron Batey: DO NOT GIVE UP! I have faith that someone is listening by reading your comment and others who are in financial distress.

    Unemployment is an equal opportunity tragedy. That 1.3 million total of unemployed (affected by the unemployment extension cut-off) includes republicans and Democrats alike. Maybe our politicians would realize that reinstating the unemployment extensions would benefit them at the polls when we unemployed folks remember who was responsible for hungry children, homeless families, and empty gas tanks!!!


  • jenna

    Unemployed folks do care where the noney comes from and we have worked and paid into the system and yes some do actually think before spending I like to pay my bills before spending on things that are not needed and people think its so easy to run out and get a good jobs which will pay enough to support household and family guess what it not I have filled out so many applications for work and had a few interviews and im still unemployed its easy to talk trash about unemployed folks but not all of us are just sitting around waiting for the pay check some actually want a job without an extension it very hard to take care of you home and family until a job is found or more job training is provided .

  • Wanda

    If not extend how are we to pay our bills, feed our family .People can say what they want age matters , I am 49 years old. Have filled out applications only to be turned down. I have worked for 30 years of my life and 16 years of those were at one job. I was laid off due to cut backs. Those who have a job be thankful and don’t judge those who don’t it can happen to you. I paid my taxes and what about these sorry people that are able to work that get food stamps and get welfare. Yes some people can’t work at no fault. I paid my money to benifit these people along with others that have worked and laid off.

  • Ron Bailey

    When exactly is Congress suppose to vote on this Extension; They have had all of January to haggle; in the meantime us unemployed and still searching have no income for the month of January and the bills are backed up !!! If it was up to me; I’d rather be working as I had been for 30 years contributing to the unemployment pot and paying all other Taxes. I and I’m sure others are not receiving this Little bit of money out playing games and shopping and vacationing. This Little bit of money goes straight to bills, food an other necessities; Then we are left with nothing for ourselves and Broke !!! I wish THE PRESIDENT would stop TALKING TOUGH and use his POWER…He’s been DIPLOMATIC with no success,,,,Now STOP KISSING A__ !!!

    PLEASE !!!!!!!!

  • Wanda

    Marcus: The lady moved her mother in trying to help her, don’t think she’s trying to be a hero. She lost her job at no fault of her own. What if you were in her shoes along with billions of other people. Sounds like your the weenie. If you have a job that’s great but how would you feel if you were laid off?

  • mitch

    the people are taxed enough. dont give them more money the money is already there they just dont want to share.

  • mitch

    it dosn’t matter how many times you collect unemployment in your life. I am a seasonal worker as i live in a state that construction isn’t booming in winter so i typicaly work 9months on 3months off. so unemployment becomes a big part of my job. is that to say im lazy or that i collect more then i should ???? i dont believe so someone has to do the job and the job and being done for a potion of the year. not my fault

  • mitchell

    that is something we must remidy. theres checks and balances all throughout our system to make sure that one group of individuals dont soley decide the fate of things that affect the people. if they are unwilling to do it in a timely fashion there should be a way around it.

  • ben burns

    Me and my 5 year old boy is getting kicked out of our house and my truck is getting repossesed….im done…just wanted to thank the government for this

  • Renee Cordia

    I’m sorry but I inadvertentently hit the thumbs down icon. I, completely, agree with you !!! So, thumbs up !

  • Gigi

    It’s had to figure out why we are constantly sending aid to so many countries when our country is in need of so much aid. Are we buying friends???

    A Nation Divided…

  • Sarah Zorn

    Rupert Murdoch, on behalf of 20th Century Fox and News Corp.

    The building in Century City is filled with guys from India and the Middle East!

    I hope he changes his tune…been there a few times and I hope they start hiring Americans

  • paula sledge

    I think that it is truly sad that congress dont think enough of the people to assist them with fuds

    O assist them while there seeking employment every body whose on unemployment are there for different reason jobs laid off ‘closing’,lay offs etc so at least give the people a chance people are loosing their homes can’t pay there bills becomming depresses and so on please consider reinstatibng Unemployment

  • tom davis

    I personally know someone who has had spine surgery and had both hips replaced and still looks for work everyday, She has been looking for months. For Congress to let families starve while they get 200,000 a year is heartless and wrong.1.7 people million (don’t forget to multiply this by 2 or 3 for their children) and growing is a travesty when they spend trillions on wasteful projects (congresse’s salaries).

  • EJ

    Marcus you are a ass hat.How dare you talk to a lady like that.All these people on here sharing there story’s and struggles and you pick on a women that is trying to do what’s right.Your a coward that obviously hasent had his ass kicked in a very long time.Karma is a bitch and your day will come.

  • Gloria Berrios

    Please help. I need my unemployement to pay my rent, eat, get to
    Job interviews, do my laundry. I would not wish this on the republicans
    Holding up the approval extend. Heaven help us all. Would they rather
    Americans to live on the streets or shelters. Children are suffering
    As well because their parents are suffering. Someone have a heart.
    I feel like I am dying in the land of america.

  • Eugene. Fields

    You’ll. Congressman are quick to sent billion to other countries and disaster victims. So think us as victims of disaster

  • This Sucks

    Immigration this immigration that, the hell with undocumented Immigrants send them back home. They do not work for me they are working for the individuals who are blocking the UI extension both Republican and Democratic. I am not bilingual so that is another discrimination tool being used. They are telling us to take lower paying jobs please tell me how do I obtain a list of lower paying jobs. I was watching the new Chairperson of the Federal Reserve the other night squirm when politicians were asking her where is the job growth. One man stated he went to Chili’s and there was an intercom at his table where he placed his order and no waiter or waitresses walking around taking orders. Another problem I am receiving from employers is the gap in employment and what have I been doing with myself since last position. I guess those individuals do not live in this country because they are completely blind as to what is going on with the legislation and rules this government wants us to follow. If I cannot get a job at Chili’s where do I go from there……………..

  • Boston

    This is the most do nothing government we have ever had, congress needs a recess form what and is the all american traveler going to have AIR FORCE One rebuilt




    SAME HERE WORKED 37 years and collected once when was a kid where is all the money I have paid in

  • Boston

    Why is that we can save the whole world , allow fraud and abuse of the systems in place and when working Americans need real help after working all there lives and not on dole , they get nothing , no answers no help , but congress and president get paid and jet around the world, this is bull