• Rachel Kaberon

    All for one and one for all? Competing political agendas illustrate the challenges in identifying a common good. The divisive style that characterizes public debate erodes trust in the public process, opportunity to build on shared meaning and common purpose. Increasing transparency and open-ness from more organizations offers great promise and opportunity to establish wider partnerships and form the basis of connections that can overcome ignorance and create greater understanding.

    The ability to solve bigger problems depends on more than one organization’s dedication and resources. It also requires a little bit of compromise and partnership. Rather than squirreling away resources for private purpose and agenda chasing, foundations and organizations who can state their objectives clearly, will share their decision-making process and correspondingly align their actions also open the door to effective partnerships. By redirecting their energy and efforts once committed to preserving their secrecy toward aligning with deeper universal values, they will go far in strengthening their internal resolve and engage a wider base of support.

    Thanks Aaron, for this great analysis of the opportunities. I only hope more organizations will respond to the call not only with their hearts but also with voice and action.