• Reason And Believing

    Total nonsense. They’ve released the entire unedited 3 hour video
    She says the law is up to interpretation, And it is not . The laws are clear. She is guilty and the entire Plannned Parenthood org needs to be defunded. We need to relook at abortion being legal at all.

    If anyone gets a paycheck , then it’s for profit Personal pay is profit

    • Paul Selden

      Why is it that “Reason and Believing” doesn’t use his/her name? The artistry of right rhetoric is to claim an untruth with such authority that no one will dispute them.

  • To me, the central lesson is that a nonprofit organization needs to own its mission and communicate it clearly, even at the risk of alienating some of the public. Closely following that central lesson is that the public, including one’s adversaries, will seek to define your organization, requiring the organization to be candid and fearless in communicating its mission.

    Using its own preferred nomenclature, is PPFA a women’s health charity or a reproductive health charity? Does its communications and its services reflect this choice? If it chooses to be both, how does it strike the balance in such a way that its stakeholders and the public can recognize it?

    One of the key PPFA talking points in the current situation should be that, despite the appearance of the video, PPFA places the health of its patients above the opportunity to preserve fetal organs and tissue. No patient is placed at risk when PPFA seeks to preserve fetal organs and tissue for research. The public needs to be reassured that all health providers place patient health, patient safety, and quality of outcomes above other considerations.