• Rob Ramonas

    I stopped reading when the article listed the former VA Secretary as “John” Shinseki instead of his real name-“Eric” Shinseki.

  • More IRS selective enforcement of laws. Professor Lawrence Lessig, Harvard University Law School founded Safra Ethics center (no joke) runs for president, raised $1 million, using his office on Harvard University’s tax exempt property. Harvard enjoys the same 501(c)(3) exemptions from state, US and property taxes. But no revocation of their privilege. Harvard University enjoys protection from the Obama-Holder doctrine allowing the $36 billion endowed university to ignore inconvenient laws.

    • combat medicrvn

      Not the dumbest post I have seen but certainly close.

  • Mr. Trump, silent all these years on gross abuses of vets, now claims interest in addressing vet issues. Well, Mr. Trump, I don’t believe you.

    In the United States Intelligence community the word ‘intelligence’ means a covert process to neutralize a target by threats, torture (physical & psychological), imprisonment or death.



    Vets beware: some very dangerous MDs work in VA hospitals and they may inappropriately seek to put you A W A Y, especially if you have experienced a terrifying or traumatic event in service, have called their phony hot line, or applied for PTS benefits.


  • Gene Wu

    Plenty of VSO’s fit this MO with many being large, well-known ones. Do your research before you donate.