• Thanks Jeanne for this great article. You’re spot on that technology is rapidly changing the tools nonprofits have at their disposal, and, if they want to engage millennials, they need to catch on fast.

    At Matchme (www.matchme.org), a new crowdfunding platform for individuals, businesses and nonprofits to launch matching gift campaigns with 0% platform fee for individuals and nonprofits, we believe strongly in the power of combining matching gifts with crowdfunding. Studies show that matching gift campaigns have a 71% increase in donors, 51% increase in average donation, and 69% of Millennials say they would be more willing to donate if they knew their gift would be matched.

    Matching campaigns help nonprofits expand their donor base organically, and donors with limited funds (think young professionals) are able to significantly increase their impact. Crowdfunding campaigns help foster confidence and connection between donors (especially Millennials) and nonprofits. To be successful in the coming years nonprofits need the right tools and platforms. Everybody wins when we #GiveMoreTogether!

    Elie Lehmann
    Co-Founder of Matchme
    [email protected]