• Michael Chamberlain

    And yet, we continue to restrict the ability of organizations to use donations and grant funds to support “overhead” which often funds staff salaries, professional development and training, as well as other activities to assist in reducing staff turnover.

  • Longagoleftnpos

    Perhaps it’s time that many nonprofit organizations examine their mission, their effectiveness, and whether or not they duplicate services. There are over 1,600 nonprofit organizations in the Greater Cleveland area. Many have existed for 40 years and have budgets under $1million. They don’t have sound business models and they don’t want to change. This creates a problem attracting and keeping qualified staff. If many o these organizations merged, some problems could be averted.

  • Mike

    Why do we need the government to dictate to employers and employees what they will be paid? This administration seems to think that value just appears at the whim of the government. Of course, the government will be exempt from such rules as they always do. My salary and terms of employment should be determined by ME, not the federal government.