• Dariel Garner

    If you accept that ends do not justify means, then there can be no excuse for mistreating workers. For the life of me. I cannot see how an NGO can purport a social justice purposing and not fairly support it’s workers. Fairness goes beyond minimum legal mandate.

  • Justin Pollock

    I am very curious about the missing voice of the workers. We know what the employers who will have to appropriately pay people for the work they do are saying. But what do those workers think when told that they will either be paid more for the work they do over 40 hours or only required to work 40 hours to earn the pay they currently get? I bet there is a lot of joy, learning, and professional development that could happen with that time or money without an underlying sense of people being exploited.

  • E. Tramontana

    I know of no workers who want long weeks with poor compensation. Yes, they care about their missions but many can’t continue in the field they love and can’t work a second job due to long hours and low pay. Look at most non-profits mission and they want you to treat the client or audience with respect and dignity. Honor and appreciate the volunteers but paid workers deserve the same respect and ability to make a living and support their families.

    Yes, an entry level position is a way to learn on the job and eventually qualify for better jobs but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be compensated. Every employer should invest in the education of its employees. My non-profits budget will take a hit but it is still the right thing to do.

  • Kaitlin Carney

    I know of many young idealistic folks who have been turned away from the nonprofit sector because of labor practices that require low pay for long hours. The PIRG is one of the worst offenders and their leaders should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of low income college students for so long. If their model won’t work without exploiting low income laborers maybe they should change their model.

    • I couldn’t agree more, thank you for the insightful comment!

  • Nonprofits should not carry out their missions on the backs of their employees. Period.