• milo tremper

    Six months is not a long time to do an honest and rational analysis of the federal executive branch. But given the way the Trump administration has acted so far, I really doubt they are aware of, or particularly concerned with “all kinds of unintended consequences and collateral damage” that may arise from a poorly thought out plan. I think the verbiage about “greater efficiency” is just a token cover for the real intent, openly expressed by Mr. Bannon, which is to “deconstruct” the federal government. Any plan which limits the ability of federal agencies to protect the civil rights of minority groups, the health and safety of all citizens, and the environment, will be lauded by this administration.
    There will be push back and protest. But I do not foresee Republicans abandoning what is to them a golden opportunity to gut consumer, social, and environmental protections, and pave the way to cut taxes (even if the additional expenditures for the military result in no real reduction in outlays).