• Luisa Peña Lyons

    Thank you for such an in-depth share out of this merger, excited for the joining of forces and getting smarter about having greater impact collectively. Great piece Cyndi!

  • maanav

    I’m thrilled about this. I appreciate you & your teams for being so forward thinking. My greatest hope is that this opens up the space for more innovation. In particular, I’d love to see intentional silo breaking and cross movement & sector bridging. I’d also love to see a lot more focus on culture change work. Of course, GARE is incredible work. We need more of it, but combined with the culture shift work. So much love and respect to you all! Congratulations!

  • Susan Misra

    Thanks so much for sharing the details of the merger. So many times mergers don’t work out, and it is great to learn about the strong pre-existing relationships and commitment to shared vision for scaling across sectors. I look forward to the part two on the work around interweaving programs and culture!

  • Cynthia Silva Parker

    Adding my congratulations to both organizations for making this incredible move. I think the synergy among the different program areas, networks and strengths could be just what we need at this moment! And thanks for giving us all a peek at the thinking that led you here. It’s so powerful that both organizations put the needs of the movement ahead of preserving your individual institutions. And it’s great to know that you’re paying attention to the cultural side of merger, not just the technical sides. May the staff and board members find a meaningful place for themselves in the organization’s future. And, may your brave decision pay off richly for all the people and communities you touch. We need your combined strength now more than ever!

  • mbrenman

    Good article on nonprofit merger. It should be done more. There are too many organizations doing pretty much the same thing, preaching to the same converted. Now it is time for the new merged organization to produce real measurable results on the ground, and not just rhetoric and plans to plan and feel good initiatives. The obvious thing to do to make real change and improvement, since the emphasis is on the current political times, is to elect Democrats to the House in 2018. But improvement in diversity in employment would be useful also. For more on this, see my paper on diversity metrics. Send me an e-mail. [email protected]