• Stephanie Doty

    This is a jewel in the treasure box of my Friday — thanks so much! I smile, feel gleeful and deeply appreciative for these sage words of wisdom! Stephanie 🙂

  • Dick Fink

    Pretty creative, entertaining, and,since I agree with your comments, pretty insightful!

  • Jill Sarah Moscowitz

    What a fabulous article. Thank You Dr. Conflict! I myself am a dispute resolution practitioner (and also a nonprofit leader, and executive recruiter), and I wholeheartedly concur with your assessments here. I actually worked with a “No Problems Here” Director, which inspired me to learn more about dispute resolution.

    “No Problems Here” readers might also be interested in the work of Craig Runde and Tim Flanagan [i]Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader[/i]. http://www.conflictcompetentleader.com/. Also see http://www.mediate.com/acrworkplace/pg1022.cfm