• Andrea Robertson

    I LOVE this perspective. “A story is a gift, not a donor acquisition strategy.” So true! I couldn’t agree more with the author about the benefits of collaborating with your public to develop branding and communicate about your organization. This is very timely for my organization and an inspiring message.

  • Radha Kunke

    Excellent points being made. It is always an angst to see nonprofit work and stories being templatised into one single story, until one has started tuning out… see a farmer’s picture and one knows what the story is going to be about. A picture of a woman with a pot on her head, and you know it will be the same old narrative.

    No. Something else is needed. Something that can show the complexity, the nuances of the work and issues.

    As nonprofits, perhaps we are defeating ourselves with our storytelling.


  • John Godfrey

    A great article. It resonates on a number of levels. On the personal level it prompted reflection on how I tell my narrative. On the professional level it reinforced and clarified my understanding of the significance of storytelling in building a case for support for a nonprofit. Significantly, the article describes the benefits of including multiple voices in telling the organizations story – “letting go” not controlling every element.

  • Thaler Pekar

    Yes! Thank you, Carlos, for this terrific piece. Storytelling is, indeed, only half the story – stories also foster connectivity and knowledge sharing. And stories can not be taken from an individual and “sold” to a donor. For more on the ethics of working with story, see: http://exhaleisprovoice.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/thaler-pekars-ethical-storysharing-roundup/

  • Maria Chilcott

    Really interesting perspective on storytelling, thanks. When the donors/supporters are included in the creation of non-profit stories it can be such a powerful outcome – and so authentic, which donors are looking for – so important for building trust. Storytelling is such an essential tool for deepening relationships with donors, especially with the opportunity for the stories to be shared on social media. Thanks Carlo.