• Neil Brickfield

    Is the problem that this board member doesn’t support science or is the true problem that she supports research that questions the concenus?

  • Third Sector Radio USA

    More and more frequently, fact is becoming politicized by some elites with less than public-spirited motives. Nonprofits must beware of abrogating duties of care, loyalty, and obedience.

  • Michael F. Cade

    Slippery slope potential here and a bit of irony. No one, aside from AMNH’s Board, understands the contributions Mercer brings to the organization. And if her personal viewpoints on climate change differ from most, then “So what?”

    At this time when social discourse seems to be at an all time low (and looks to be maintaining a downward trajectory), non-profits need to rise above and they will not do that by silencing dissenting opinions. Shame on those who think they should.

    The irony? Isn’t science about questioning the status quo? I, for one, am grateful that the Board of AMNH understands Mercer’s right to hold her own opinions. I can only imagine the damage to their credibility if they tried to appease the nay-sayers by allowing them to decide who is fit to serve.