• Third Sector Radio USA

    Love your concluding remarks. Your suggestion that the nonprofit sector on Puerto Rico is moving beyond a “power- and-equity-neutral” approach applies (or should) apply to the sector on the mainland if we are to play a role in civil society.

  • Ernesto Villarini Baquero

    Dear Cyndi, really enjoyed your article. To comment on your concluding remarks, I think the two philanthropic strategies you present in the article are not mutually exclusive. The fact that the network didn’t sign on to the community foundation’s strategy doesn’t mean that they are opposed to it. Puerto Rico’s disadvantaged communities do not all have the leadership and organizational capabilities the relief effort requires. This is where institutions, like the ones supported by the network, have a chance to do outreach and help individuals and families directly. They are filling a void and it would seem that the two strategies may in fact be more complementary than competing to each other.

  • Capacity Dividend

    It is important to hold the space for multiple possible approaches to the immediate challenges and the longer term aspirations of the communities in Puerto Rico. There are likely 3, 4, 5 other approaches making an impact – crowdfunding from communities abroad, INGO networks with affiliate members, individuals who come together and never form a ‘formal’ organizations. Not just where but how we place our dollars demonstrates our values.