• Doug Jacquier

    While I agree social enterprises are not a panacea for all that ails the NFP sector in Australia (or elsewhere), Ruth, I think you have been a little selective in what is otherwise a very encouraging report. The Key Insights section concludes that “it’s clear that Not-for-Profits are maintaining healthy levels of investment in innovation with organisations most likely to focus their spend on up skilling staff and building expertise. In addition, while the research shows that just one in four Not-for-Profits are investing in technology, those that do are far more likely to invest in emerging technologies than the average Australian business.” As you say, Australia is not the US and, as someone who knows the sector in both countries very well, I think great care needs to be taken when making comparisons.

    • ruth

      I actually did say that there were encouraging findings in the rest of the report but it is a pet peeve of ours that some analysts too closely link the notion of profit making social enterprise with innovation. That said, nonprofits deserve to be commended far more than they are for their high innovative tendencies.